You may have heard about Hawaii from friends, those Facebook posts, or that Nicholas Sparks movie.

Well, we hope this bike tour gives you the whole picture. The way these waves flood the shore and seabirds glide above is enough to transport your mind to feel like you’re in paradise!

Epiphanies exist here — while being transported on 4-wheel-drive bicycles through the Big Island’s lava fields with gorgeous countryside views reminiscent of Jurassic Park leading right up to our next destination: a picturesque cove where you can swim (and let me tell you, these waters are divine!). 

Get on the water with one of Hawaii's most sacred traditions.

Paddle along the Kona Coast in a traditional outrigger canoe that’s been navigating its way around this ocean for centuries. See the island as your ancestors did when they first landed – from the sea. Whether you’re looking to relax and watch an enchanting sunset or explore some new territory, our guides will make sure that you have safe passage in any direction and offer fascinating facts about life on land and where to find it!

We invite you to explore the Kona Coast in an outrigger canoe. Experience one of Hawaii’s most treasured traditions began, and enjoy your tour with a knowledgeable guide who will teach you about our Wa’a.

Waves lap calmly on the shore as our Hawaiian guides steer you out into this unspoiled wilderness in a serene outrigger canoe. You’ll glide past caves where long-lost ancient treasures lie waiting for discovery and along beaches that are home to turtles engaged in miraculous courtship rituals. See Hawaii like never before!

It’s a well-established and downright wonderful tradition — once you set foot on Hawaiian soil, everything takes on an air of island magic. The outrigger canoe — Wa’a — is one rugged piece of engineering that gives its passengers plenty to dream about throughout the day.

Most people in Hawaii participate in this centuries-old tradition by paddling around Keauhou Bay. Dolphins leap from the water to follow your boat alongside rays and sharks below, not far from sea turtles making their way to shore for nesting season. Though as impressive as that may sound, it’s how we experience these creatures that make them feel like family. You’ll have plenty of time to snap pictures or use your phone’s camera – all while feeling.

The Kailua-Kona outrigger canoe tour will take you away from the traditional land tours for a unique water experience. See dolphins, fish, and majestic green sea turtles on this 45-minute paddle among the most beautiful waters in Hawaii.

A Wa’a (Hawaiian word for outrigger canoe) is sacred to Hawaiians. It was the first thing that touched land when voyaging across the Pacific Ocean thousands of years ago! Today, we still live by this tradition with our exciting 45-minute Kailua-Kona Canoe Tour featuring an instructor/guide who can teach you about their heritage while exploring Keauhou Bay’s secluded lagoons and reefs.