Captain Cook Snorkel will take you to see the beauty and diversity of the Undersea eco-system up close.

They offer a wide range of fun programming for individual:

  • snorkelers
  • private groups
  • kayakers
  • boat excursions

No matter your lifestyle Captain Cook Snorkel is ready with their unique underwater world exploration.

Watch the sunrise all over Kona. Explore a buried underwater volcano and marine life from the safety of your suit, mask, snorkel, and fins. Enjoy fresh pineapple when you’re done still tasting lava. The best way to witness the true beauty of Hawaii is while snorkeling. Spend two hours either with a private charter or solo, submerging into the depths of our untouched reefs and seeing all sorts of colorful fish that call these waters their home!

Plus, side: It’s a tour group with you in charge! With our private charters, up to six people can enjoy an exclusive spot on Oahu’s pristine shoreline. Enjoy time for just family & friends on your outing towards Makua Beach at Kailua-Kona! Every day offers a new experience with different destinations and itineraries, so book yours today before it gets snapped up by someone else. 

The Kona coast is a world-renowned snorkeling destination with diverse and exciting local wildlife. We offer tours in Captain Cook for 1-6 people, tailored to fit your schedule and group size. Join us for an exploration of the ocean’s hidden creatures. Remember that time you went on vacation and snorkeled in the clear blue water? Now it will always be a reality with Captain Cook Snorkel Trips. Join us for Kona snorkeling by boat or sea kayak to see all kinds of wonderful marine life up close. We offer daily tours at different times, so your schedule is never an issue! Inspired? Book now and unleash your wanderlust before it leaves you gasping for air.

A vacation in a box! Kona snorkeling excursions are the best way to spend time with family, exploring a new place. Pacific Wave Charters offers you unique and fun experiences every day; we have friendly guides and small groups to make your trip comfortable. Hawaii has been waiting for you. Channel your inner explorer, sailor, and fisherman with a Kona snorkeling trip! While you’re in Hawaii, there’s no better way to see all of the blue water than from below.

We offer single-person adventures as well as private charters for up to six people so that if you have a big family or want to make some friends on this journey through the ocean depths, we’ll find the best tour for you if swimming isn’t your thing whatsoever – not our problem! We also offer kayak rentals during certain hours (ask!). Snorkel Kailua-Kona, Hawaii, is every snorkeler’s dream destination! The crystal clear blue waters in this stretch of the Pacific Ocean will make you feel like you can touch the bottom! Relax while we boat out to one of our favorite spots and enjoy all of the beautiful marine life: turtles, dolphins, and substantial sea urchins. Don’t worry if you get a little chilly on your underwater exploration; no trip would be complete without enjoying a delicious ice cream sandwich back onshore.