Imagine a private dinner cruise on one of Hawaii’s most beautiful natural resources- the ocean.

Twinkle lights, stars, warm weather, and an empty horizon are just what you need for a fantastic evening. However, now imagine that with a complimentary ATV ride through Coral Crater and snorkel adventure in our coral reef before sipping wine on board as we prepare to set sail by sunset. If you want your vacation to be genuinely unforgettable, this is it!

How would we promote this?

 Sunset Snorkel & Dinner Cruise:

Experience life from all angles on our 1-mile long trail of the forest and crater; take a break during our excellently guided group tour where you will learn about the native bird species and vegetation.

The ATV & Sunset Snorkel Dinner Cruise is a one-of-a-kind package for Hawaiian adventurers. Any adrenaline seeker can look forward to; the opening ATV portion to reach Coral Crater and the snorkel sunset cruise that follows.

This all begins in Waikiki, with our staff picking you up at any designated location, including hotels or airports if necessary. You’ll be greeted with refreshing drinks as we head towards Coral Crater on your powerful machine! Dress appropriately, and remember, our machines will take some getting used to, so be sure you have what it takes beforehand by booking yourself an introductory ride first (not included). 

Get on your dirt bike and explore the secrets of Coral Crater before cruising along our sandy shores to snorkel with tropical fish. You’ll have stamps in your proverbial passport as you discover this secluded, hidden paradise. This is the perfect adventure for thrill-seekers and sunbathers alike.

We’ll organize a pick-up at your Waikiki hotel, so dress comfortably to get dusty, then cruise out with up 1 mile of level trail through lush forest and across an open volcanic field to take in panoramic views without any stops. There’ll be plenty of ATV trails for all skill levels – everyone from beginners to veteran jungle riders can enjoy themselves here. 

We’re the best way to enjoy a day on land and sea in Oahu, Hawaii. Shake off the rust of winter and have fun exploring with our ATV tour at Coral Crater, as well as a dinner cruise that takes you out for an evening snorkel experience. Start your day with a sun-kissed drive to the Palm Waianae North Shore and Machana Bay Park, where you’ll hop on board Ocean Joy’s boat for an afternoon adventure. What better way to spend some time than bonding with nature? Cruise through the waters up until sunset, when you will be taken out to watch a breathtaking sunset by the sea. As we anchor near shore for dinner and snorkeling in calm waters free of crowds, dolphins may approach us, and if whales are in season, they might add their “goodnight love playlist” as the sunsets.  

Walking on water may be possible with this part of the evening! Let Ocean Joy transport you to a 100% private area and cruise along the pristine Western Waianae coast. You will swim alongside green sea turtles, whales in season, as well as dolphins. Stop for your chance at dolphin encounters and extraordinary humpback cruises.

The adventure starts now!