The thrill of driving an ATV takes you closer to the majestic ocean on our tour around this tropical island.

You’ll feel like a pro zooming through private property and deep-sea canyons before heading back home for more surfing lessons. Don’t forget to bring your sunscreen, camera- we highly encourage taking pictures so you’ll never forget this rad adventure.

If you’ve ever wanted to experience off-roading, but don’t want the hassle of owning and maintaining an ATV yourself, then our expert guides are here for you! Give your skills a try on one of America’s most scenic backdrops with this journey into the breathtaking Waimea Falls area. This 2 Full Lap adventure includes some basic off-road techniques and gives an unforgettable taste of what Hawaii offers for adventurers. Wear sunscreen, bring closed toe shoes, and be prepared to have fun as you make new memories in Maui.

All aboard! Adventure awaits at our off-road park and event center in the foothills of Waimea on Oahu, HI. You’ll be sure to get some dirt packed into your clothes when venturing through our unique forests, valleys, and stream beds where majestic mountains top the horizon, all while riding an ATV bike that we specially designed for terrain like ours. Don’t forget to bring sunscreen, sunglasses, a camera to capture this experience from every angle, and comfortable shoes – closed-toe is required outdoors—to protect against any sharp rocks or other potential spiky things you might encounter out there in the wild. We hope you’ll have fun getting lost with us!

ATV Snorkel Adventure is the perfect way to mix things up on your Oahu honeymoon, girls’ weekend getaway, or if you’re a thrill-seeker looking for something new. Pack four of your best friends and one expert guide into an ATV, take off-road instruction from our professional guides, and head out onto the south coast trails at Koko Head Crater! This tour includes two laps so you can apply what you learn during lesson one to lesson two. The minimum age requirement for participation is 18 years old, with minors (under 18) able to ride along as long as an adult accompanies them over the age of 18 if no passengers under 18 have booked a spot on this adventure. 

Our expert guides are knowledgeable and experienced. During this fun adventure, you’ll take two complete laps around our ATV course so that each time round, your previous experience will help you to get better at it! This tour is designed for those who want a little more encouragement than just an easy ride – and with beautiful scenery, you’re going to enjoy seeing along the way, this is one of life’s greatest joys. This activity requires a waiver signed by participants, which can be done online before your excursion takes place.

Let us teach you some basic techniques for offroad driving – we want to give you some skills on how to navigate our technical course and hope that as an avid traveler when looking through memories from a recent trip they.