It's not always easy to get around on an ATV in Hawaii, but our terrain is just what you're looking for.

We’ve designed a technical off-road course for beginners that focuses on really getting down and dirty. Whether you want to take it easy or think you could handle anything, we have the perfect experience for everyone. You’ll leave this tour feeling refreshed, rejuvenated, and well prepared! 

Here at Coral Crater Adventure Tours, we pride ourselves on providing unforgettable experiences.

Just listen to some of these glowing reviews from people who took our Oahu ATV adventure tours: “I would recommend this company 100%!”, “it was a fantastic day,” “we will be back next time we are out.

This one-hour ATV adventure is an easy way to experience the beauty of Coral Crater. You’ll get a chance to see for yourself just how diverse and rugged Oahu’s landscape can be when you’re in the driver’s seat of these super awesome shred machines, all while getting a crash course on basic off-road techniques from our expert guides. Then if you haven’t burned out your adrenaline reserves, there will also be time to hit up Magic Sands Beach before hitting up some local favorite island dishes at the famous Hana Grill down in Kailua!

A custom-designed, technical course awaits you. Expert guides will give basic off-road training and safety briefing before you set out on an exhilarating ATV ride in some of Oahu’s rugged terrain. Watch the crystal blue waters as you navigate your way through this awe-inspiring adventure!

Discover this island’s rugged terrain with an off-road adventure tour. A specially designed customized course awaits you, where our expert guides provide training and safety briefings to get you on your way in a safe manner. Now, it is time to do what so many people who visit Oahu dream of — ride an off-road ATV while discovering the beautiful landscape that includes cliffs, roots, rocks, and slop, all just within reach as you peel around each curve. It doesn’t matter if one person rides or two: the driver maneuvers their seat for the first half then switches with their passenger at designated stops so they can experience every turn from both perspectives!

Where else to explore the beauty of the island than by ATV? You will be immersed in this diverse, rugged landscape and have a more intimate experience with Hawaiian history. Warning: you might feel an adrenaline rush!

Bored with your regular daily routine and ready to explore the great unknown? Our off-road ATV adventure tour is just what you need! The course will have a variety of steady inclines and soft patches of all-terrain sand that are perfect for practicing some basic techniques. We highly recommend this activity for thrill-seekers who don’t mind getting in touch with nature.

When booking, it is best to bring swimwear and sunglasses even if planning on not getting wet so that those things don’t get ruined from sunscreen or bug spray. No need for shoes–make sure your feet are clean and enter muddy areas with caution due to places where plants grow out from below ice (they could cut up bare feet).