Imagine a place of primordial beauty and adventure - welcome to Afternoon Adventure's first tour to the beautiful, untouched Waianae coast.

 Listen to ancient legends from Hawai’i’s ancient lore as our captain ferries everyone out to snorkel in their private paradise! Here there is nothing but mountain-backed sand, crystal clear water, and reef fish galore!

Find out why the most famous honeymoon spot in the world is called "paradise found."

Our guided afternoon adventure begins by exploring the rich history of ancient volcanoes and learning about how Mother Nature has left her marks on our Hawaiian shores. Then it’s time to hear all about Hawaiians as we cruise up the Waianae coast to snorkel pristine waters off Oahu’s western coastline at Makua Bay, where only our guides swim! After a boat ride with incredible views, you can partake in another longtime tradition of Hawaii: sharing a sunset message as we paddle back into shore.

Join us for the adventure of a lifetime – and even an underwater Hawaiian luau feast with our friends, Captain Cook’s dolphins! Afternoon Adventure Ko’Olina, Hawaii, spans over one hour. There is plenty to explore in shallow waters as we snorkel among exotic sea life at Waikiki (Spouting Horn) Wall while exploring the reef. This tour also includes two drinks – a soft drink or juice (upon request) and water. You’ll have lots of opportunities to take pictures, snap on your camera masks for selfies or use your imagination as you look into shimmering blue-green depths below. Aloha!

Soak up the beauty of Waianae’s coastline on a thrilling ride up to our coast in a classic open-air utility vehicle. Then, enjoy an hour of snorkeling with unlimited gear and guides to lead you through waters that offer limitless undersea life. Soar over coral gardens with vibrant sea life, tour untouched coral reefs below, and take advantage of swimming opportunities only available when choosing this Afternoon Adventure.

This memorable trip to Hawaii is perfect for everyone, from thrill-seekers who love exploring nature and new sites to families searching for a new adventure. Enjoy an afternoon filled with captivating tales about the history of Hawai’i and a fun snorkel expedition through the reef at Makua Beach Park before splashing down for a refreshing ice cream break. Soar into an endless horizon atop our custom-made zip line as you explore one of the West Coast’s most stunning natural preserves; from crashing waves to colorful coral reefs, there’s nothing like it!

It’s not just a tour: it’s an adventure! Magical, beautiful Hawaii awaits you with fantastic snorkeling along the Waianae coastline. Spend your afternoon in our open-aired catamaran and learn about the area’s history, as well as take in some of the best views around Kailua Beach. You’ll have plenty of time to explore the clear waters off Oahu’s western coast, where who knows what magical sights may await you. So whether this is your first trip or one more for good measure, don’t miss this beautiful afternoon onboard Afternoon Adventure Ko’Olina, Hawaii.