Adventure Tower Oahu, HI features 18 challenge elements to put any aspiring Island Ninja's skills to the test with legs full of acrobatics and climbing tall near-impossible heights.

Feel like you’re on a game show navigating your way through our courses before hitting up one of our featured obstacles courses, including aerial challenges, free fall jumps from heights over 40 feet, or even climbing ropes high off the ground.

The Adventure Tower is the perfect location for people looking to embrace their inner Island Ninja by exploring and conquering some of nature’s toughest challenges and hoping to spice up your vacation? Let our Aerial Challenge Course, Freefall, and Climbing Wall be the destination that gets you pumped with anticipation as you conquer 18 challenge elements: swinging from vines, rocking across balance beams, hopping along ramps, testing your freefall skills – but don’t worry because there is always a safety line! No ninja experiences are complete without climbing ladders on the wall or crossing over ropes high in the air! I can’t decide what course to take, so why not try them all after trying one first? Combine two systems for an hour-long adventure.

Being a ninja is exhausting work. Light on your feet, quick-witted with strategically improved hand-eye coordination – it’s one heck of a job for anyone and especially challenging when you’re dealing with the narrow paths and deadly obstacles of the Adventure Tower. But if that sounds like something interesting to try out, our Island Ninja package is perfect for you! With 18 challenges waiting to be conquered plus access to two other free-roaming games geared towards agility, this activity has everything you need to feel like Baymax or Mistress Wu in no time!

The Adventure Tower is the perfect place for a family reunion or company outing! You’ll find our 18 elevated Challenge Courses- each offering ever-changing obstacles and curves requiring different skills to conquer. If you think you have what it takes, try your hand on our aerial challenge course, freefall, and climbing wall! Check-out time is 2 hours.

Out on the horizon, we see adventure! You can get up close and personalize this glorious pastime with our Island Ninja package. We have all of your favorites, including our aerial challenge course, freefall, and climbing wall- not to mention a set of practices that are uniquely ours! At 18 different elements, you’ll be doing more than just climbing things in here– build bridges across gaps for an obstacle or escape through tight crevices full of obstacles.

Train like a ninja by catching as many stars as you can before they hit the ground or avoid traps we’ve set out ready to send you back to where you came from. Do you want an adrenaline rush? We got plenty of that here! Feel like a ninja on our challenge course and enjoy all the challenges that come with it. An idyllic location will make you feel like you’re in paradise while your life feels like it’s hanging by a thread. You don’t have to leap for joy when thinking about this adventure – we promise you’ll leave being glad you came.

Bring out the Island Ninja in you on our 18 obstacle course. You’ll face some challenging elements you’ve never seen, like a Freefall or Free-Ride zipline ending with a breathtaking view of Waikiki Beach. Show your ninja skills and see if you can make it to the top!