Big Island Ghost Tours will be participating in the 6th Annual "World's Largest Ghost Hunt" and YOU'RE INVITED!

This event will sell out and is raising money for charity, so be sure to book while your tickets while they are still available! Guests receive a certificate of participation.

On September 25, 2021, for one day only, a large ensemble of ghost hunting teams will simultaneously take part in an evening of paranormal investigations in the most haunted public places throughout the nation! These public locations and their host teams will be part of a new chapter within the paranormal field dedicated to public awareness and community unity! In this spirit, we salute and invite you to be a part of this epic event. Everyone who participates will be encouraged to investigate alongside the guides and paranormal investigators that will be there. We are doing this to collect any paranormal data we can, and set a new world record! 150+ different teams across 12 countries will be simultaneously doing a ghost hunt. 👻👀

Be part of the largest paranormal research effort ever held! For the first time ever, volumes of evidence will be submitted and cataloged into a national databank where it will take part in a scientific paranormal experiment through the efforts of Paranormal Database. The goal of this research is to evaluate the impact on paranormal evidence collected while a mega volume of ghost hunting investigations are simultaneously held from coast-to-coast.

Want more of a reason to be part of this experience? Your participation will help raise money with all proceeds from this event going to a local non-profit organization.

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