Windsurf - Kids Camp:

Ages 5+


3 Days, 2.5 Hours per Day


Young children 6 years and above will love the Kids Windsurfing Camps on Maui”Maui Kids Windsurfing Camps”. Our camps are run, weekly in summer; June, July, and August. This is the original Maui Kids windsurfing Camp running for over 15 years. These camps have helped produce many of today’s windsurfing stars and pro-athletes. We proudly co-sponsor these special windsurfing community events with Maui Sports Unlimited. Wednesday through Friday in the summer. Young children share their first windsurfing experiences together. The emphasis is on fun, & learning in a social atmosphere. They are taught by a mixture of experienced windsurfing instructors, celebrity junior coaches, and their peers. Kids are always under adult supervision. Lessons begin in the mornings for the lighter winds. and run for three hours. Kids will do practical lessons, and play skill-building games. This program is very popular so pre-bookings are essential. Students use a range of specialized children’s rigs designed for kids. The right equipment, which is essential to the process. The kids camp was created to ensure the ideal introduction to windsurfing in a fun atmosphere. *Bring your own lifejacket and booties if you have them *Smaller kids may want to bring a shorty wetsuit.