Kalepolepo Beach Park is located in Kihei Beach, Maui, Hawaii. It is a popular location for visitors to visit because of the great scenery, fun-filled activities, and the warm Pacific Ocean. Visitors can enjoy swimming, snorkeling, boating, and surfing at this facility. There are several restaurants and shops located onsite as well as on the nearby beach. This location offers great entertainment for families with children, as it is within a short driving distance to Oahu’s North shore and the renowned Waikiki Beach.

Several attractions are available at the park. The playground is constructed out of a retaining wall, which was formed by an island volcano. This structure includes climbing walls, slides, and benches. Swimming, surfing, and lounging are great ways to spend your day at the beaches. Several restaurants, hotels, and resorts provide amenities for park guests.

Another attraction of the park is the butterfly sanctuary. Several species of butterflies call the park home, including the Black Headed Ladybug, Black Swallowtail, Emerald Pearly Eye, and the Purple Pearly Spider. These creatures may be viewed at the walks or sitting on the beach at dusk. Scratching, petting, and bathing are also permitted on the beach. Other activities include bird watching, hiking, and nature trails.

Several events take place at the park regularly. These events include hikes, bike tours, kayaking, fishing, and volleyball games. The Maui Invitational Surf Festival is held every year from mid-March to early- April. This competition is open to both local and foreign surfers. The local and international surfers participate in the tournaments for cash and the title. Other events include the Kalepolepo Coast Trail Race, bicycle race, and a beach volleyball tournament.

Besides the activities mentioned above, another attraction of the park is the Turtle Sanctuary. Many turtles are kept at the park due to the large turtle population. These animals are protected under the Mauna Loa conservation Act. This is why tourists must respect the wildlife when visiting the area.

The Kihei Beach Park is located just near Kihei Maui. It is just across the Highway 90 crossing. Just turn right and walk straight into the park. Otherwise, you will be walking past turtles. Don’t be surprised if you see them hiding behind rocks. This is one of the natural wonders of Hawaii that you should enjoy.

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