7-8hr Excursion • Full Loop

  • Private Excursions Per Person Price – Two Person Minimum
  • Additional Guest Price Per Person – Children 2 and Under Ride Free

Lahaina Town Option


Morning Adventure – 8am-9am
Sunset Excursion – 1pm


Halemahina, “House of the Moon,” is one of Maui’s two dormant volcanoes. Circumnavigate her majesty in a 7-8 hour excursion. Visit the Hawai’i of old, Kahakuloa, an isolated Hawaiian village. View rugged coastlines, a secluded waterfall and a geyser that blows 100ft in the air. Experience Lahaina town, the original capital of Hawai’i, where an oceanfront boardwalk features gift shops, galleries and restaurants. Conclude with a visit to the historic Banyan Tree that stands 50 feet tall, is nearly a quarter of a mile around and has over than 10 trunks that anchor it into the ground.

Tour Itinerary:

  • Chutes – a picturesque stream with chutes and several pools
  • Makamaka’ole Stream and Waterfall – this waterfall drops in several tiers totaling about 270 feet in height
  • Kaukini Gallery – clifftop gallery featuring 100 local artisans
  • Kahakuloa Village – isolated native village, nestled among steep valley walls on the doorstep of the Pacific Ocean. Here, Hawaiians grow traditional crops and live by simple means Bell Stone – a field of “lava bombs.” Huge boulders that were spit out from the caldera of the volcano during eruption. The rocks solidified immediately…leaving them hollow inside. Some of them ring when struck…hence the name bell stone
  • Nakalele Blowhole – a spout that can sometime reach over 100ft in air. This attraction is firing 85% of the time
  • Honolua Bay – a popular overlook of Maui’s best reef
  • Ka’anapali Beach – Maui’s luxury resort area
  • Lahaina Town – 30 minute stop for shopping in Maui’s old whaling port
  • Olowalu Petroglyphs – 300 year old images chiseled into the bedrock depicting triangular figures of men, women & children, canoes, paddles, fisherman and animals. The drawings give insight to thoughts of native man and their pre-contact way of life
  • Running coastline featuring bays, bluffs & cliffs