The Big Island's Waterfall zipline has 9 long lines with 2 miles of spectacular zipping, over 14 waterfalls, suspension bridges and epic ocean views.

Waterfalls Zipline Tour Highlights

  • 14 Beautiful Waterfalls
  • 2-Miles of exhilarating Ziplining Fun!
  • 9 Spectacular Ziplines
  • 4 dual lines!
  • Cross a Suspension Bridge over a river gorge, lava tube and fern grotto
  • Great for the whole family!
  • Ages 4 & up!

Waterfall Zipline Tour

The Big Island’s zipline has nine (9) long lines with 2 MILES of spectacular ziping, over 14 waterfalls and great ocean views. The first four lines are exciting long dual lines.

If you love waterfalls like we do, this Big Island zipline is what you’re looking for! It has been said by many people who have toured other ziplines that “this is the best zipline on all the Hawaiian Islands.” The Umauma Falls zipline is probably why you came to the Big Island of Hawaii, even if you don’t know it yet.

At line #2, you will have time to view the beautiful scenery which includes a view of a 100 foot waterfall as you look toward the top of Mauna Kea. Most people who live on the Big Island of Hawaii have never seen this beautiful waterfall. You also visit a shelter that overlooks the river as another river joins the mighty Umauma River. Keep an eye out for the native Hawaiian hawk (I‘o) that lives in this area. On line #4 you will zip over 2000 feet of river water and many falls. This is so amazing you will pinch yourself that you are actually here.

Cross a 200′ suspension bridge that takes you 100′ over a water filled lava tube and fern grotto to get to line #5. You will get a close up view of the dual waterfall part of the famous Umauma Falls at the end of line #7. You also get to view the famous falls from a special shelter for zipline guests only.

Finally. line #9 sends you back to where you started at the visitors center.

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