Wailuku Union Church is located at Wailuku, Kauai, Hawaii. Among the beautiful places you may visit in Kauai, this church offers a breathtaking view of the water with its lovely sun setting on a white sand beach. The landscape along the beach and the lovely statue by Rev. ographs with ocean and freshwater are two very noticeable factors of the landscape at the site. So if you are planning a vacation to this particular place, you may visit it by driving up or flying up to the island.

When you are in Wailuku, you may also be interested in checking out the Wailuku harbor where you can view sailing and fishing activities. There are different kinds of ships that sail out each day carrying various kinds of cargo and people are attracted by the beauty of the natural scenery. While enjoying the fresh air and the beautiful scenes, you may be attracted by the beautiful church. This particular church was built many years ago during the colonial period in Wailuku and was donated to the community as a historic landmark.

Today, Wailuku Union Church continues to be active and vibrant and, on every Sunday, parishioners celebrate the 150th year of the original church’s founding. On this day, as the morning sun poured through the sanctuary, churchgoers took part in an exquisite service dedicated to the church and its mission. They were joined by family and friends who happened to be traveling through from another town or state. What started as a small group of men met in prayer and worship slowly grew to be a community with many participants from every walk of life

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If you would like to see the Union Church, you should know that the Wailuku experience is best enjoyed during the evening hours because most of the tourists are going there to enjoy dinner. Since the majority of the people who attend the Wailuku Church are elderly, you should plan on spending quite a bit of time there. There are a lot of activities and events which you can take part in while you are there, and some of these activities include shopping, dining and dancing. Many visitors also say that they enjoyed the silent moments spent with their loved ones at the Wailuku Sunday afternoon tea.

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