Looking to explore the beautiful beaches of Big Island, Hawaii? Look no further than Waialea Bay, also known as Beach 69. This beach offers everything you could ask for – white sand, crystal clear turquoise water, and plenty of shade from the surrounding trees. It’s the perfect spot for snorkeling, with an abundance of fish and shallow rocks that create a smoother experience. Make sure to check out the outdoor shower and restroom facilities before heading down the steps to the beach. With its stunning views, ample shade, and opportunities for both swimming and snorkeling, Waialea Bay is truly a paradise waiting to be discovered.

Waialea Bay (Beach 69) - exploring and snorkeling - Big Island Hawaii

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Parking and Amenities

Parking lot and payment

When you arrive at Waialea Bay (Beach 69), you will find a convenient parking lot where you can leave your vehicle. As you enter the parking lot, you will notice a parking meter where you can pay for your parking. The cost is usually around fifteen dollars, so make sure to have some change or cash on hand. Once you have paid, remember to leave the parking slip on your phone or dashboard for verification.

Restrooms and showers

After parking your vehicle, you’ll be glad to know that there are restrooms available at Waialea Bay. These facilities ensure that you can take care of any personal needs and stay comfortable during your visit. On the right side of the beach, there is also a shower where you can rinse off the sand and saltwater after your time in the water.

Rules and regulations

While enjoying your time at Waialea Bay, it’s important to abide by the rules and regulations in place. One of the main rules is that fires are not allowed on the beach. This is to ensure the safety of all visitors and protect the natural beauty of the area. Additionally, be sure to respect the outdoor shower area and use it appropriately. By following these guidelines, you can help maintain a pleasant environment for everyone to enjoy.

Exploring the Beach

Walking through the trees

One of the unique features of Waialea Bay is the abundance of trees that line the beach. These trees provide ample shade, making it a comfortable place to relax and unwind. As you walk through the trees, you’ll appreciate the respite from the hot sun and the beautiful scenery they add to the beach.

Different areas of the beach

Waialea Bay offers a variety of areas to explore and enjoy. To the right of the entrance, you’ll find a beach area with finer sand, perfect for swimming and playing in a more traditional beach setting. On the left side, you’ll encounter more rocky terrain, which makes it an ideal spot for snorkeling. Whether you prefer to swim or snorkel, there is an area of the beach that suits your preferences.

Pathways and shortcuts

To navigate around Waialea Bay more efficiently, you’ll find pathways and shortcuts that can take you to different areas of the beach. If you’re looking to reach the beach quicker, you can go around to the sandy area and follow the path that leads you through the trees. These pathways not only offer convenience but also provide an opportunity to appreciate the natural beauty of the surroundings.

Snorkeling Opportunities

Rocky areas for snorkeling

If you’re a fan of snorkeling, you’ll be delighted by the rocky areas at Waialea Bay. These rocky areas act as natural breakers, creating smoother conditions for snorkeling by reducing the strength of the waves. Snorkelers can explore the space between the rocks, which is teeming with an abundance of fish and marine life. Prepare to be amazed by the vibrant colors and diversity of marine species you’ll encounter in these rocky snorkeling areas.

Shallow water precautions

While snorkeling in the rocky areas, it’s essential to take some precautions due to the shallow water. The shallowness means that you need to be careful to avoid hitting yourself, whether it’s your knees or toes, as you explore. Take your time and navigate with caution to ensure your safety and enjoyment of the snorkeling experience.

Abundance of fish and marine life

Waialea Bay’s snorkeling opportunities offer the chance to observe a wide array of fish and marine life in their natural habitat. Between the rocks, you’ll discover many different species swimming gracefully. Keep an eye out for colorful tropical fish and unique marine creatures. The abundance of fish and marine life will surely leave you in awe and provide an unforgettable snorkeling experience.

Other Beach Activities

Campsite availability

For those seeking a more immersive experience, Waialea Bay offers campsite availability. Setting up camp amidst the beautiful surroundings gives you the opportunity to spend more time enjoying the beach and its amenities. The campsite area provides a sense of community and allows you to connect with fellow nature enthusiasts.

Tree climbing and play areas

If you’re visiting Waialea Bay with kids, they will love the tree climbing and play areas. The beach is dotted with trees perfect for climbers, where children can explore their natural surroundings and let their imaginations run wild. These play areas add an element of adventure and excitement, creating lasting memories for young visitors.

Nesting areas for wildlife

Waialea Bay is not just a beautiful beach for humans; it also serves as a nesting area for wildlife. As you explore the beach, keep an eye out for nests and observe nature in action. The presence of nesting wildlife adds to the uniqueness and ecological importance of the area, reminding us to cherish and respect the natural world.

Scenic Views and Turquoise Water

Panoramic views of the beach

Waialea Bay offers stunning panoramic views that showcase the beauty of this Hawaiian paradise. Whether you’re standing on the beach or walking along the rocky areas, you’ll be treated to breathtaking vistas. The combination of white sand, lush trees, and crystal-clear water creates picturesque scenes that are worth capturing and cherishing.

Clear turquoise water

One of the main draws of Waialea Bay is its clear turquoise water. The vibrant hue of the water is a result of the pristine conditions and the abundance of marine life. Whether you’re swimming, snorkeling, or simply wading in the water, you’ll be mesmerized by the clarity and beauty of the turquoise sea.

Snorkelers and swimmers in action

As you explore Waialea Bay, you’ll witness snorkelers and swimmers in action. The bay is popular among water enthusiasts, and you’ll see people of all ages enjoying the water activities. Whether it’s snorkeling near the rocks or swimming along the shoreline, the sight of individuals delighting in the beach’s offerings adds to the vibrant atmosphere and sense of community.


Waialea Bay (Beach 69) on the Big Island of Hawaii is a true tropical gem. With its white sand beach, shade-providing trees, and excellent snorkeling opportunities, it offers something for everyone. From exploring different areas of the beach to marveling at the abundance of marine life, there are endless possibilities for adventure and relaxation. Whether you’re a snorkeling enthusiast, nature lover, or simply seeking a picturesque beach to unwind, Waialea Bay is the perfect destination for an unforgettable experience. So grab your snorkel gear, put on your sunscreen, and get ready to create lifelong memories at Waialea Bay.