Join us and learn the basics of paddling and some local history while touring Kailua Bay!

1 hour • Daily Rides • 6 People Max

  • Passengers
  • Private Charter


1 hour


There is a special feeling that accompanies paddling a traditional Hawaiian Wa’a from the shores of Kamakahonu.

Enjoy Kona’s amazing waters and beautiful coastline in the tradition of the Hawaiians themselves. Our guide/steersman will give you a beach-side orientation before we board the Wa’a and launch from the protected beach at Kamakahonu Bay.

As we paddle into Kailua Bay and explore the coastline we will share stories about some of the local landmarks, the rich history of the area, and the role of the wa’a in Hawaiian culture. It’s a great trip from the entire family so get in touch now to schedule your Wa’a ride.

Whether you are staying at a hotel, in town for a while, or just landing for a few hours from the cruise ship, we can accommodate your time frame.