Have you ever dreamed of exploring the breathtaking volcanoes of Hawaii? Well, with Paradise Helicopters‘ “Volcano by Air & Land” tour, you can make that dream a reality. Let me tell you a bit about this incredible experience, and trust me, you won’t be disappointed.

First, you’ll embark on a thrilling helicopter ride over the stunning Kona coffee district, offering you a unique aerial view of the volcanic landscapes. Then, you’ll touch down in Hilo and meet an interpretive guide who will lead you on a land tour of the Ka’u district. Get ready to visit the iconic Punalu’u Black Sand Beach, indulge in a delicious coffee tasting, and admire beautiful art at the Volcano Art Center.

But that’s not all! This tour also takes you to a historic ranch, where you’ll be treated to panoramic views of Kilauea and the Kau coast. Throughout the day, you’ll learn fascinating Hawaiian legends and mythology, with a special focus on Pele, the fire goddess. And don’t worry about food and transportation, they’ve got you covered with lunch and all necessary arrangements.

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Now, don’t miss out on this once-in-a-lifetime adventure. Book your tour with us today and discover why we are simply the best tour provider in Hawaii. We can’t wait to share this unforgettable experience with you! Welcome to Paradise Helicopters, where we offer an extraordinary tour called “Volcano by Air & Land” on the stunning Big Island of Hawaii. Prepare yourself for an unparalleled adventure that combines the thrill of a helicopter ride with the opportunity to explore the land on foot. Get ready to witness the power and beauty of the volcanoes and immerse yourself in the rich culture and history of this remarkable destination.

Our tour begins with an awe-inspiring helicopter ride over the Kona coffee district. As you soar through the sky, take in the breathtaking views of the lush green coffee fields against the backdrop of the majestic volcanoes. Feel the rush of excitement as you witness the raw power of nature from a unique vantage point.

Next, we head to the world-renowned Hawaii Volcanoes National Park. This UNESCO World Heritage site is home to two of the most active volcanoes in the world, Kilauea and Mauna Loa. As you fly over the park, marvel at the vast landscapes shaped by centuries of volcanic activity. Keep your eyes peeled for any signs of lava flows or volcanic eruptions, as the Big Island is constantly evolving.

After the exhilarating helicopter ride, we touch down in Hilo, where you will be greeted by an experienced and passionate interpretive guide. This knowledgeable local will be your host for the land portion of the tour. Prepare to embark on a journey through the captivating Ka’u district, known for its stunning natural beauty and rich cultural heritage.

The land tour includes a visit to the iconic Punalu’u Black Sand Beach, a unique and picturesque spot where you can witness the natural marvel of black sand created by volcanic activity. Take a stroll along the shore and feel the texture of the sand beneath your feet as you soak in the splendor of this remarkable beach.

As we continue our exploration of Ka’u, we stop at a local coffee farm for a well-deserved break and a delicious coffee tasting. The Big Island is renowned for its exceptional coffee, and this is your chance to savor the flavors of the world-famous Kona coffee firsthand. Learn about the cultivation and production process while enjoying the aroma and taste of this local delicacy.

No trip to the Big Island would be complete without a visit to the renowned Volcano Art Center. Located within the Hawaii Volcanoes National Park, this center showcases the work of local artists inspired by the natural beauty and power of the volcanoes. Browse through the impressive collection of paintings, sculptures, and crafts, and perhaps even find a unique piece of art to take home as a special memento of your trip.

But the adventure doesn’t end there. Our tour also takes you to a historic ranch, where you can enjoy breathtaking views of Kilauea and the Kau coast. Listen as our experienced guide shares captivating stories and insights about the Hawaiian legends and mythology, with a particular focus on Pele, the fire goddess associated with the volcanoes.

Throughout the tour, you can expect an intimate and personalized experience as we keep our groups small to ensure that you receive individual attention. This also provides an excellent opportunity to make new friends who share your sense of adventure and curiosity.

Your safety is our utmost priority. We strictly adhere to safety standards and guidelines to ensure a worry-free and secure journey for you and your loved ones. Additionally, we have implemented COVID-19 safety measures, including requirements for face masks and health screenings, to ensure the well-being of all our guests.

At CheapHawaiian Activities and Tours, we pride ourselves on being a locally-rooted tour provider with a deep understanding and appreciation of Hawaii’s rich culture and history. Our passion for this remarkable destination shines through in every aspect of our tours as we strive to showcase the best of the islands, taking you off the beaten path to discover hidden gems known only to the locals.

By choosing CheapHawaiian for your Volcano by Air & Land tour, you are also making a conscious choice to support eco-friendly practices. We are committed to preserving the natural beauty of Hawaii and minimizing our environmental impact. Join us in our efforts to protect this paradise for future generations.

Whether you’re a solo traveler, a couple, or a family, we warmly invite you to join us for an unparalleled adventure in paradise. Create lifelong memories as you witness the stunning landscapes, immerse yourself in the vibrant culture, and experience the warm hospitality that Hawaii is renowned for. Book your dream vacation with us today and discover why CheapHawaiian Activities and Tours is the best tour provider in Hawaii!

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