The Historic IAO Theater in Wailuku Maui is one of the last authentic Spanish mission theaters remaining in the island of Maui. It was built in 1928 by the artist Alfonzo Arenas Salazar. Architecturally speaking, the theater is very remarkable as it incorporates the most advanced technical lighting available at the time and also features two large dance floors separated by a large stage above.

The ʻᵯao Theater, or otherwise known as the Historic iao Theater, was designed by the famous W. Clement Stone. He was born and raised in Wailuku. The birthplace of W. Clement Stone is commemorated on a granite monument across from the entrance to his theatre. Legend has it that he commissioned this building for his native Wailuku village. The name of the theater, itself, is suggestive of its history.

The name “iao” means “love” or “affection” in Hawaiian. The name was given to the building by the United States Army during World War II for its ability to withstand enemy fire. The historic hall, which is decorated with original art glass panelling and fabric draped on the auditorium, was made from red sandstone and paved with granite stones. The two sides of the historic hall faced east and west.

The auditorium seats about 1500 people and there is a long line of seating just inside the front door. The two sides of the hall were designed with beautiful floral and fern arrangements, and seating is placed along these lines. The interior of the Historic theatre is designed in a tropical style, with large palm trees and grassy floors. It is lit by skylights, and several fish-oil booths are located in the background of the building.

Maui weddings can be held here, as well as birthday parties and other special occasions. This historic venue has also been used for musicals and plays, corporate events, meetings, conferences, and family reunions. The Maui Theatre in Wailuku is open daily for the general public. If it is not available, you may be able to book your event at another venue on the island.

To make your reservation, simply call or reserve via their website. You can view the current featured shows on their website or learn more about what other events they have available. You may also view photos of past events, or order a copy of your tickets online. When you reserve your tickets, you will not be allowed to download or use them until they are in your possession. The historic theatre in Wailuku is your chance to experience the best of the island and make your vacation one to remember.

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