We’ve designed an evening of play for anyone interested in photography!

3.5 Hours • Photograph the Moon Beside The Ocean • All ages!

  • Adults 13 & up
  • Children 5-12 years old
  • Infant 4 & Under


3.5 Hours


Watch the moon emerge from the ocean’s horizon and capture one-of-a-kind photographs of this celestial body’s magnificent beauty on Oahu Photography Tour’s bi-monthly Full Moon Tour.

Tripods are provided to let you experiment with shutter speeds and capture a variety of impressions of the moon’s beauty. Create scenes in your images by photographing the moon beside a lighthouse, a volcanic island, or if you’re lucky, the moon will cast a ‘lunar rainbow’!

Be treated to steel wool photography, a shockingly simple yet deceptively complicated fire-like photo technique that never fails to amaze the eye! Photograph the white sand along the beach as the moon lights it up in such a way you will have to stop and catch your breath.

Make sure to check our calendar on our website as this tour only goes out twice a month. If you are lucky enough to be on the island during the full moon, you will be doing yourself a great favor by being one of only seven guests that can join this tour.

Available Times

Day prior and day of full moon.
Pick up is one hour prior to moonrise

What to bring

  • Do not bring more than you can carry. Nothing is left in the van when we are out shooting to prevent theft.
  • We provide you with a tripod. You may bring your own.
  • Wear comfortable, closed-toed shoes.
  • You may want to bring a light jacket if you get cold easily as it can be cold by the ocean.
  • We recommend you bring additional batteries and memory cards for your camera. We would hate to see you miss out.