With Kauai’s seas so pristine and vast, and with its underwater world so breathtakingly scenic

Surely, a few hours is not enough to explore all that Kauai’s paradise down under has to offer. Thus, if you want to spend an entire day connecting with nature and exploring Kauai’s charm and wonders below sea level, Seasport Divers’ Three Tank Dive is precisely what you are looking for. An 8-hour scuba diving escapade at various identified prime dive spots in Kauai, Seasport Divers’ Three Tank Dive is definitely the highlight of your getaway to this part of Hawaii!

Exclusive for certified divers, Seasport Divers’ Three Tank Dive is a tour package that takes you to dive locations not as crowded and explored as the others. This means more unique sights and untainted sceneries! For instance, if the weather and water conditions during your scheduled trip allow, you may be brought for a dive at Amber’s Arches. Just a quick Internet search would reveal that this spot is an excellent dive site, featuring magnificent rock structures including undercut ledges and swim-through holes you will get to explore and play in after descending to the drop off! 

The ledges are, in fact, home to many sea creatures such as eels, reef fish, and lobsters, making your experience even more enjoyable and thrilling. If you are lucky, you might even catch sight of reef sharks, which, contrary to belief, are nice creatures you do not have to worry and be scared about!

Another top-rated Kauai dive location that you may get the chance to explore is Mana Crack. Mana Crack, just like Amber’s Arches, is a dive site teeming with various marine life! Here, you may get up close and personal with Hawaiian green sea turtles, many other tropical reef fish, and reef sharks lurking in the rock formations down under. You will absolutely love the stunning coral reefs in this area, too! 

These are just some of the amazing locations you may get the opportunity to dive and swim at when you book  Seasport Divers’ Three Tank Dive. Again, as this tour is an all-day diving activity, expect a jam-packed day of exploring, sightseeing, and enthusing in an underwater paradise you will not see anywhere else in the world!

Tour Highlights:

  1. A three-tank dive at some of Kauai’s prime diving sites
  2. An all-day exploration at rarely visited dive spots such as Amber’s Arches and Mana Crack, all of which are abundant with marine life and magnificent coral and rock formations

Tour Inclusions:

This tour is inclusive of the following:

  1. Three tanks, wetsuit, weights, masks and fins, computer
  2. A guided tour facilitated by a PADI, SSI, or NAUI instructor
  3. A comprehensive pre-dive briefing, which also includes information about Kauai’s marine life
  4. Continental breakfast, full lunch, snacks and refreshments freshly served on-board
  5. A boat ride on the Anuhea, a 32-foot power catamaran with freshwater shower, a wide ladder, and a covered cabin area

* Nitrox, BCD, and regulator are also available on-board but for a minimal fee 

* Vegetarian meals are available upon request

Special Instructions:

  1. Check-in is at Seasport Divers, located at 2827 Poipu Road, Koloa, Hi 96756.
  2. Check in at 6:45 AM at the latest.
  3. This tour is exclusive for certified divers. Each participant’s certification card must be presented upon check-in.
  4. A medical questionnaire must be filled out before the tour. If the responses show that the participant is not entirely fit to join, a doctor’s clearance will be required to be able to participate. 
  5. This tour lasts for around 8 hours. Expect to be back at Seasport Divers Dive Shop at around 2:00 to 3:00 PM.
  6. Breakfast, lunch, and snacks are included in this tour. Be sure to make arrangements before the tour if you wish to avail of the vegetarian meal options.
  7. This tour operates every Tuesday and Friday, from October to April. 
  8. This tour is a small-group dive tour, with a maximum capacity of 6 divers per booked trip.