This is going to be the best two hours of your Maui getaway! While some may say that two hours is too short a time for an ocean adventure, this is, in fact, absolutely possible when you’re vacationing on an island where fine snorkeling spots are within close range.

Let Sea Maui bring you this short but sweet underwater escapade with its Xpress Morning Snorkel tour package!

Perfect for those who are not fond of long boat rides, Sea Maui’s Xpress Morning Snorkel takes their guests from Ka’anapali to nearby snorkeling sites on board the Sea Maui II. These sites, such as the Mala Wharf, Cliff House, and the 505, are actually just a stone’s throw away from Ka’anapali Beach, so you can go snorkeling straight away and would not have to wait long for an exhilarating adventure. Truly the perfect package tour for thrill-seekers, or for those who may have other things planned for the rest of the day!

Except in certain months of the year, the Sea Maui II sets sail daily and departs from Ka’anapali every 9:00 in the morning. It will take a quick boat ride to West Maui’s best snorkeling spots, which are located just offshore from Ka’anapali, so you and your companions can start exploring Maui’s underwater world at just a little past 9:00! Maui Island, just like the rest of Hawaii, boasts an exceptionally clean and habitable ocean, so it is no wonder its waters are teeming with a variety of sea creatures. You are then guaranteed marine life sightings, such as the Hawaiian green sea turtles, colorful tropical fish, and even the gorgeous coral reef formations these sea organisms dwell in! During the whale season, you may even catch sight of huge humpback whales, so watch out for that, too, if you are travelling during the whale months. What’s great about Sea Maui’s Xpress Morning Snorkel is it will not only take you to an instant ocean adventure, but it is a guaranteed kid-friendly tour, too, as its staff and crew are friendly and well-trained to handle guests of all ages.

Sea Maui is the only operator that offers this kind of express morning snorkel option, and if you want to start your day with a fun-filled adventure, Sea Maui’s Xpress Morning Snorkel is the most suitable package tour for you. Majority of the tour time is spent on marine life encounters and underwater sightseeing, and after a jam-packed morning, you’d be back on land by lunchtime to enjoy the rest of the day exploring the rest of Maui!

Tour Highlights:

  1. Fast boat ride to the finest snorkel sites in Maui
  2. Snorkeling at Mala Wharf, Cliff House, or 505, all great snorkel spots just offshore from Ka’anapali
  3. Sea turtles, tropical fish, and other marine life encounters
  4. Breathtaking above-water and underwater views

Tour Inclusions:

Sea Maui’s Xpress Morning Snorkel is inclusive of the following:

  1. Inflatable flotation device
  2. Snorkel gear (mask, snorkel, and fins)