Get your Jr. Lifeguarding Training with us!

Course prices include the following:

  • Learning First Aid/CPR Techniques, while improving health and fitness.
  • Teach Teamwork & Leadership.
  • Rescue Training.
  • How to respond quickly, and efficiently to emergencies.


4 days of training from 9 AM to 12 Noon


Hilo Ocean Adventures has water safety and lifeguarding courses that are designed and taught by professionals who can help you not only help others stay safe in, on, and around the water, but can help you learn the latest safety and rescue techniques, and deliver critical care, like CPR, and first aid when it’s needed most. We will cover a variety of important skills that can help you stay safe and help others enjoy the water safely.This registration comes with 4 days of instruction that occur on Monday, Wednesday, Friday & Saturdays. You are able to schedule the training days during any of our sessions that work with your availability. The Keiki Guard and Jr. Lifeguard schedules are the same, they will be separated in groups by age and skill level.

We will be doing a lot of outdoor fitness activities including; obstacle courses, CPR First Aid instruction, treading water challenges, swim racing and rescuing with flotation while using a mask and snorkel. We will also practicing island survival skills using a sinking kayak and other children that need to be brought back to shore.

Whats my next step?

Please call or use your online code to sign up for our Jr. Lifeguarding Sessions


Week Sessions will only be on Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday from 9:00am – 12:00pm

  • 1st Week – Monday May 31st, Wednesday June 2nd, Friday June 4th, and Saturday June 5th.
  • 2nd Week – Monday June 7th, Wednesday June 9th, Friday June 11th, Saturday June 12th
  • 3rd Week – Monday June 21st, Wednesday June 23rd, Friday June 25th, Saturday June 26th
  • 4th Week – Monday July 5th, Wednesday July 7th, Friday July 9th, Saturday July 10th
  • 5th Week – Monday July 12th, Wednesday July 14th, Friday July 16th, Saturday July 17th
  • 6th Week – Monday July 26th, Wednesday July 28th, Friday July 30th, Saturday July 31st