Imagine yourself in the beautiful island of Oahu, surrounded by the enchanting culture and breathtaking landscapes of Hawaii. Allow yourself to immerse in a truly unforgettable experience, as you witness the Queens Waikiki Luau, one of the best luaus on the island. This article aims to provide you with a glimpse into this remarkable event, showcasing the vibrant music, tantalizing food, and captivating performances that make it the best Hawaii luau.

As you delve into the world of the Queens Waikiki Luau, you will be treated to an evening filled with excitement and wonder. From the moment you arrive, the melodic sounds of traditional Hawaiian music will transport you to a place of pure bliss. With every beat, every note, you will be captivated by the essence of Aloha that fills the air. Additionally, this article will introduce you to Hawaii Activities and Tours, the top Hawaiian activity tour company, which offers a wide range of activities and tours on the islands. So buckle up and get ready for an incredible journey through the Queens Waikiki Luau, where you will create memories that will last a lifetime.

About Queens Waikiki Luau

Welcome to the Queens Waikiki Luau, where you can experience the best of Hawaiian culture, cuisine, and entertainment. Located in the beautiful island of Oahu, this luau is known for its stunning beachfront setting, exciting activities, and delicious food and drinks. If you’re looking for an unforgettable experience in Hawaii, the Queens Waikiki Luau is the perfect choice.

Location and Setting

The Queens Waikiki Luau is situated in a picturesque beachfront location, offering breathtaking views of the ocean and the famous Waikiki sunset. Imagine enjoying the sounds of waves crashing on the shore and feeling the gentle ocean breeze as you indulge in the Hawaiian festivities. The setting alone makes this luau a must-visit attraction for anyone seeking a truly immersive Hawaiian experience.

Activities and Entertainment

At the Queens Waikiki Luau, there is never a dull moment. Experience the richness of Hawaiian culture through a variety of activities and entertainment options. The highlight of the evening is the traditional hula dancing, where skilled performers showcase their grace and storytelling abilities through elegant movements. Get mesmerized by the rhythmic beats of live music and singing, creating an atmosphere filled with aloha spirit.

For those seeking a thrill, the fire knife dance is a spectacle not to be missed. Watch as skilled performers twirl and toss flames in the air, displaying their incredible talent and bravery. This heart-pounding performance is sure to leave you in awe.

Not only can you witness these incredible performances, but you can also participate in interactive cultural activities. Learn to make a traditional lei or take part in a ukulele lesson. These hands-on experiences allow you to connect with the Hawaiian culture on a deeper level and create lasting memories.

Cuisine and Drinks

Indulge in an authentic Hawaiian buffet at the Queens Waikiki Luau. Taste the flavors of the islands with dishes like kalua pork, lomi salmon, and poi. The buffet offers a wide variety of options, ensuring there’s something for everyone, including vegetarian and vegan choices. Each dish is prepared with care, using fresh and local ingredients.

To complement your meal, choose from a selection of delicious tropical cocktails. Sip on a refreshing mai tai or enjoy the sweetness of a pina colada. These signature drinks are the perfect accompaniment to the beautiful setting and lively atmosphere of the luau.

Best Luaus on Oahu

While the Queens Waikiki Luau is a fantastic choice, there are other luaus on the island of Oahu that also offer incredible experiences. Here are some of the best luaus on Oahu that you might want to consider:

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Polynesian Cultural Center

Immerse yourself in a truly immersive Polynesian experience at the Polynesian Cultural Center. Located on the North Shore of Oahu, this luau offers an authentic showcase of Polynesian cultures through music, dance, and interactive exhibits. Explore the different villages representing Hawaii, Samoa, Fiji, Tahiti, and more, and learn about their unique traditions and customs. The luau and show at the Polynesian Cultural Center are truly unforgettable.

Paradise Cove Luau

Situated on a stunning oceanfront venue in Ko Olina, the Paradise Cove Luau is known for its spectacular natural surroundings. From traditional Hawaiian games and crafts to an exciting canoe ride, there is no shortage of activities to keep you entertained. The highlight of the evening is the breathtaking fireworks show, which lights up the night sky and adds an extra touch of magic to the already enchanting atmosphere.

Germaine’s Luau

Germaine’s Luau is a popular and long-running luau that has been delighting visitors for decades. Located on a beautiful oceanfront property, this luau offers a traditional Hawaiian buffet and an open bar. Enjoy dishes like kalua pig, teriyaki chicken, and haupia (a traditional coconut milk-based dessert). The lively entertainment, featuring hula dancers and musicians, will keep you captivated throughout the evening.

Chief’s Luau at Sea Life Park

For a unique luau experience, consider Chief’s Luau at Sea Life Park. Set against the backdrop of stunning Makapu’u Beach and the scenic Ko’olau Mountains, this luau offers a mesmerizing Polynesian show. Watch as talented performers showcase their skills in fire knife dancing, Samoan fire-making, and more. The luau is also known for its delicious Hawaiian feast, featuring dishes like roasted pig and fresh island fish.

Best Hawaii Luau

If you’re looking for an authentic luau experience beyond Oahu, Hawaii has plenty to offer. Here are some of the best luaus in the other Hawaiian islands:

Old Lahaina Luau – Maui

Experience the enchanting Old Lahaina Luau on the island of Maui. This luau is known for its commitment to preserving and sharing Hawaiian culture. With a beautiful oceanfront setting, traditional food, and captivating performances, the Old Lahaina Luau offers a truly immersive Hawaiian experience.

Smith’s Tropical Paradise Luau – Kauai

Located in the lush setting of Kauai, Smith’s Tropical Paradise Luau is a feast for the senses. Enjoy a true Hawaiian-style luau with a traditional imu ceremony, hula dancers, and live music. The luau takes place in a botanical garden, adding to the overall beauty and tranquility of the experience.

Hawaii Volcanoes National Park Luau – Big Island

For a unique luau experience combined with the awe-inspiring natural wonders of the Big Island, the Hawaii Volcanoes National Park Luau is the perfect choice. Situated near the stunning Kīlauea volcano, this luau offers an incredible opportunity to witness the power and beauty of Hawaii’s volcanic landscape while enjoying authentic Hawaiian cuisine and entertainment.


Whether you choose to visit the Queens Waikiki Luau, explore the other luaus on Oahu, or venture to the other Hawaiian islands, experiencing a luau in Hawaii is a must. From the delicious cuisine to the captivating entertainment, these luaus allow you to immerse yourself in the rich and vibrant Hawaiian culture. Create unforgettable memories as you indulge in authentic Hawaiian dishes, sip on tropical cocktails, and witness incredible performances. Hawaii truly offers the best luaus, where you can enjoy the perfect blend of luxury, entertainment, and aloha spirit. So pack your bags and get ready for an unforgettable experience in the paradise of Hawaii.