There are a lot of Hawaiian tour operators out there that offer dolphin watch cruises, considering that the waters of the Hawaiian Islands are abundant in these precious marine mammals.

 However, there are only a certain few that provide educational ecotours to their guests on-board, for them to better understand Hawaii’s marine life and its advocacy to protect it, and at the same time having a blast appreciating the lovely sea creatures and seascape views. This is what makes Pacific Whale Foundation’s Dolphin Watch different from the rest; it does not only let you go sightseeing and have a close encounter with dolphins, but it also enlightens you about them, too, through its on-board marine naturalists. For a fun and instructional cruise, come and join Pacific Whale Foundation’s Dolphin Watch!

Guests of this package tour will go on a beautiful cruise along Maui’s west shore via a luxury sailing catamaran, the Ocean Spirit.

A high-powered craft that can seat up to 49 people, Pacific Whale Foundation’s Ocean Spirit is sure to give its passengers an ultra-smooth boat ride, with its high-tech mechanism and state-of-the-art sails and rigging. It is also equipped with a spacious deck and sundeck trampoline areas, so when you’re on board Ocean Spirit, you will definitely be able to savor the scenic route while comfortably lounging aboard.

Once you have escaped the sights of the crowds and the establishments on land to enjoy the beautiful sea view, prepare to feast your eyes on the fun-loving dolphins next! The Hawaiian spinner dolphins, bottlenose dolphins, and the spotted dolphins are abundant in the area and are known for their acrobatic displays, especially the spinner dolphins, who, true to their name, love to rise above water and spin high in the air! These friendly creatures love to swim in pods, so you are sure to spot them while dolphin watching. Get your cameras ready as you would want to capture and relive this amazing animal encounter! Pacific Whale Foundation guarantees dolphin sightings, and in the unlikely event that no dolphin is sighted, guests may book Pacific Whale Foundation’s Dolphin Watch again within one year, without any charge. 

To complement your dolphin watching experience, Certified Marine Naturalists on board the Ocean Spirit will share with you interesting facts about the different traits and behaviors of each kind of Hawaiian dolphins, and as well as other fascinating information about Hawaii marine life. Get ready to learn more about these dolphins and their friends as you are watching them in the wild, enjoying themselves in their natural habitat. As Pacific Whale Foundation is dedicated to protect the ocean through science and campaign, these marine naturalists will gladly enlighten you about this advocacy, too. They will share with you useful tips on how to achieve responsible and sustainable marine tourism, which you can apply during the cruise, during the rest of your holiday in Hawaii, and on your next beach trip to anywhere in the world.

Gear yourself for a fun-filled educational Eco-Adventure with Pacific Whale Foundation’s Dolphin Watch! With all that you will see and learn from this one-of-a-kind ecotour, this experience will surely leave you in awe.

Pacific Whale Foundation’s Dolphin Watch Tour Inclusions

  1. Refreshing beverages (filtered water, soda, or juice)
  2. Informative discussions by Certified Marine Naturalists on-board
  3. Free dolphin watching guide and Marine Wildlife Picture Card