In the aftermath of the devastating Lahaina fire, the Maui Police Department has identified another victim, bringing the total number of publicly identified fatalities to 93 out of an estimated 98. The recent victim, Michael Mahnensmith, an 80-year-old resident of Lahaina, was officially removed from the list of unaccounted individuals. However, the police have yet to locate or notify his family. With only 12 individuals left unaccounted for, the police continue to update the list on a weekly basis, ensuring that proper protocols and sensitivity are observed when dealing with the grieving families. As this challenging time unfolds, it is essential to respect the privacy and support the families as they navigate through this difficult process.

One more Lahaina fire victim identified by police: death toll is 98, unaccounted for is 12

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Victim Identification

One more victim identified

The Maui Police Department has identified one more victim of the August 8 Lahaina fire. Michael Mahnensmith, 80, of Lahaina, was officially identified as one of the victims. The identification of Mahnensmith brings the total number of victims publicly identified to 93 out of the estimated 98 fatalities.

Michael Mahnensmith’s name removed from unaccounted list

The name of Michael Mahnensmith was removed from the latest “verified list” of unaccounted for individuals released by the Maui Police Department last week. The department provides weekly updates on the list of unaccounted individuals, and Mahnensmith’s identification means that his family has been located or notified.

Total Death Toll

98 fatalities

The Lahaina fire has tragically resulted in a total of 98 fatalities. This devastating event has had a significant impact on the community and the families of the victims.

93 victims publicly identified

Out of the 98 fatalities, the Maui Police Department has publicly identified 93 victims. The department has been working diligently to ensure accurate and timely identification of the victims, providing closure to their families and loved ones.

Unaccounted For Individuals

List narrowed down to 12

The Maui Police Department has been actively working on narrowing down the list of unaccounted for individuals. As of the latest update, the list has been narrowed down to 12 individuals. The department is committed to finding and providing information about these individuals to bring resolution to their families.

Weekly updates by Maui police

The Maui Police Department provides weekly updates on the list of unaccounted for individuals. These updates are crucial for keeping the public informed and for assisting in the identification process. By releasing regular updates, the department hopes to gather any potential leads or information that may help locate the remaining unaccounted individuals.

Previously Announced Victims

List of victims

The previously announced victims of the Maui wildfire disaster are as follows:

  • Laurie Allen, 65, of Lahaina
  • Franklin Trejos, 68, of Lahaina
  • Allen John Constantino, 25, of Lahaina
  • Felimon Quijano, 61, of Lahaina
  • Luz Bernabe, 64, of Lahaina
  • Joel Villegas, 55, of Lahaina
  • Adela Villegas, 53, of Lahaina
  • Angelica Baclig, 31, of Lahaina
  • Junmark Quijano, 30, of Lahaina
  • Matsuyuki Osato, 83, of Lahaina
  • Michael Morinho, 61, of Lahaina
  • Ediomede Pavian Castillo, 35, of Lahaina
  • Alfred Rawlings, 84, of Lahaina
  • Maria Victoria Recolizado, 51, of Lahaina
  • Justin Recolizado, 11, of Lahaina
  • Terri Thomas, 62, of Lahaina
  • Kirk Carter, 44, of Lahaina
  • James Smith, 79, of Lahaina
  • Revelina Tomboc, 81, of Lahaina
  • Morris Kaita, 74, of Lahaina
  • Richard Kam, 88, of Lahaina
  • Linda Vaikeli, 69, of Lahaina
  • Rex Cole, 64, of Lahaina
  • Janet St. Clair, 75, Lahaina
  • Douglas Matsuda-Boucher, 65, Lahaina
  • Carole Hartley, 60, Lahaina
  • Michael Gordon, 68, Lahaina
  • Marilou Dias, 60, of Lahaina
  • June Anbe, 78, of Lahaina
  • Keyiro Fuentes, 14, of Lahaina
  • Maurice Buen, 79, of Lahaina
  • Buddy Carter, 85, of Lahaina
  • Bibiana “Bhing” Lutrania, 58, of Lahaina
  • Glenn Yoshino, 75, of Lahaina
  • Rafael Imperial, 63, of Lahaina
  • Floyd St Clair, 75, of Lahaina
  • Leticia Constantino, 56, of Lahaina
  • Louise Abihai, 97, of Lahaina
  • Nicholas Turbin, 71, of Lahaina
  • Anthony “Tony” Simpson, 43, of Lahaina
  • Glenda Yabes, 48, of Lahaina
  • John “Thumper” McCarthy, 74, of Lahaina
  • Tim Nakamoto, 69, of Lahaina
  • Leroy Wagner, 69, of Lahaina
  • Joseph Lara, 86, of Lahaina
  • Gwendolyn Puou, 83, of Lahaina
  • Edward Sato, 76, of Lahaina
  • Eugene Recolizado, 50, of Lahaina
  • Mark Kaminsky, 59, of Lahaina
  • David Nuesca Jr., 59, of Lahaina
  • Poomaikai Losano, 28, of Lahaina
  • Carolyn Ono, 73, of Lahaina
  • Pablo Pagdilao III, 75, Lahaina
  • Coleen Jones, 59, Lahaina
  • Roxanne Ibara-Hinau, 68, Lahaina
  • Rogelio Mabalot, 68, Lahaina
  • George Hall III, 67, Kahului
  • Todd Nakamura, 61, Lahaina
  • Bernard Portabes, 75, Lahaina
  • Tony Takafua, 7, Lahaina
  • Salote Tone, 39, Lahaina
  • Faaoso Tone, 70, Lahaina
  • Maluifonua Tone, 73, Lahaina
  • Bette Jo Dyckman, 73, Lahaina
  • Rebecca Rans, 57, Lahaina
  • Tau Ponali, 66, Lahaina
  • Valerie Kauffman, 78, Lahaina
  • Salvador Coloma, 77, Lahaina
  • Carlo Tobias, 54, Lahaina
  • Albert Kitaguchi, 62, of Lahaina
  • Lynn Manibog, 74, Lahaina
  • Clyde Wakida, 74, Lahaina
  • Todd Yamafuji, 68, Lahaina
  • Antonia Molina, 64, Lahaina
  • Freeman Tam Lung, 80, Lahaina
  • Theresa Cook, 72, California
  • Joseph Schilling, 67, Lahaina
  • Narciso Baylosis Jr., 67, Lahaina
  • Vanessa Baylosis, 67, Lahaina
  • Douglas Gloege, 59, Lahaina
  • Juan Deleon, 45, Lahaina
  • Conchita Sagudang, 75, Lahaina
  • Danilo Sagudang, 55, Lahaina
  • Rodolfo Rocutan, 76, Lahaina
  • Jonathan Somaoang, 76, Lahaina
  • Angelita Vasquez, 88, Lahaina
  • Donna Gomes, 71, Lahaina
  • Melva Benjamin, 71, Lahaina
  • Virginia Dofa, 90, Lahaina
  • Alfredo Galinato, 79, Lahaina
  • Robert Dyckman, 74, Lahaina
  • Buddy Jantoc, 79, Lahaina

Notification Process

Proper protocols followed

The Maui Police Department and its assisting partners have been diligently following proper protocols in notifying the families of the victims involved in the Lahaina fire. They understand the sensitivity and emotional impact of this situation and are committed to handling it with utmost care and respect.

Sensitive and respectful handling

The notification process for the victims’ families is being carried out in a sensitive and respectful manner. The Maui Police Department recognizes the profound grief and pain that the families are experiencing and aims to provide them with the support they need during this difficult time.

Support for grieving families

The Maui Police Department and its assisting partners are fully committed to supporting the grieving families throughout the notification process and beyond. They understand the immense emotional toll of losing a loved one and will continue to provide assistance and updates to ensure that the families feel supported and informed.

MPD and Assisting Partners

Working together

The Maui Police Department is working closely with its assisting partners to handle the notification process and provide support to the families of the victims. This collaboration ensures a coordinated effort to effectively handle the situation and meet the needs of the families during this challenging time.

Ensuring privacy and support for families

The Maui Police Department and its assisting partners prioritize the privacy and support of the grieving families. They are taking every measure to ensure that the families’ privacy is respected and protected throughout the entire process. The well-being of the families is of utmost importance, and they will continue to receive the necessary support during this difficult period.

Difficult Time for Families

Asking for privacy and respect

The families of the victims are going through an incredibly challenging time filled with grief and loss. In light of this, they kindly request that the media and the public respect their privacy. It is crucial to give the families the space they need to mourn and heal.

Media and public involvement

While it’s important to keep the public informed about the progress of the investigation and victim identification, it’s equally important to approach the situation with sensitivity and respect. The media and the public are urged to show empathy and understanding during this tragic event.

Continued Support

Working closely with families

The Maui Police Department and its assisting partners will continue to work closely with the families of the victims throughout the entire process. They understand the ongoing need for support and will ensure that the families are updated on any developments and provided with the assistance they require.

Updating and assisting throughout the process

The Maui Police Department is committed to updating the families of the victims and providing ongoing assistance throughout the entire process. They understand the importance of clear communication and will strive to keep the families informed and supported every step of the way.

The Lahaina fire tragedy has deeply affected the community, taking the lives of 98 individuals. As authorities work diligently to identify the victims and provide support for their families, it is essential for the media and the public to approach this devastating event with empathy, respect, and understanding. The focus should be on honoring the memories of the victims and supporting the grieving families as they navigate through this difficult time.