We are in Maui at the Old Lahaina Luau for 2023. This is the best and most traditional Luau in Hawaii. We are so excited to experience Hawaiian history and customs plus all the delicious food! 🤤 We love Hawaii and have been going since 2020, and honestly want to keep the family tradition going 🏝️ ➡️ We get Lei’d, and get traditional front row seating with beautiful stories and shows depicting the history of Hawaii. The food and mai tais were impeccable 📍Riverside, CA 💬 Do you like Hawaii? What Island have you been to and enjoy the most? Tell us all about it in the comment section! ✨ And if you like this video, consider subscribing to Made 2 Trip using this Link! ⤵️ / made2trip Thank you for watching!! ******************** 🎥 Welcome and Aloha to the Official Youtube Channel of Made 2 Trip🌎 We’re a fun-loving Californian couple that enjoys going on adventures and discovering new things that we want to share with our viewers in our vlogs. ➡️ We like to explore and find the best spots for fitness, delicious food, great music, and crazy amounts of fun. We created this channel to store memories from our travels and take you along our fun and tasty adventures 💯 We upload videos every week and we look forward to what this journey has in store for us and we hope you enjoy these adventures as much as we do! ➡️ Let’s go and have some fun! Subscribe to the channel and hit the bell icon to come along for the fun! 🔔 ******************** 💻 Connect with Made 2 Trip on social media: Instagram ▶️ / made2trip Facebook➡️ Made 2 Trip Tik Tok➡️ made2trip21 💲If you’d like to donate to us. You can send money to our Venmo or Cashapp. This helps us continue to pursue our goals and passions and is greatly appreciated. ⬇️⬇️⬇️ Venmo: @andreea-mae Cashapp- DrayaMae87 ******************** #oldlahaina #oldlahainaluau #hawaii2023 #maui2023 #mauiluau #bestluaus #made2trip

Hey everyone we’re getting ready to go We’re about to leave to the Old Lahaina Luvel I’m excited I’m ready for the food The show was the hula dancers this is Supposed to be the best luau no fire Dancing no fire play because it’s not Traditional [Music] [Applause] [Music] Thank you [Music] [Music] I’m just pulling it out later Time do you take them out If there is any more cakey or Kings in The back we’ll send the cakey to the Front so that they can see and we’ll Kick off the old behind on who I was Able to presentation the proper way to Say aloha is Supposed to meet you all to say hello Back to me All right welcome to the old behind them Presentation we’re gonna start eating With you guys so we all say evils Basically a big old pressure cooker a Steam cooker our emo starts off with the Kid in the ground they are pitted Poofing deep and cooking one big for you Guys real Hawaiian underground oven so We’re cooking 200 plus pigs and that pit Is five to seven feet please but we’re Not cooking for a Hawaiian family we are Cooking for a small uh to this one going To Fiji so that the part of our pit it’s Gonna be our first leader and we have Five important layers for you guys to Remember we got to make sure that There’s enough of every layer so that i Can cook for 12 months hours so at the Bottom of our pit is that first layer That first layer is our mesquite wood And it’s because It gives off a nice flavor a nice taste A nice smell that burns nice and slow so What we cook with this out but he was Here in a white yard we’ll see what it’s Called Is that first layer once we have that Wood broken up we put on our second Layer and our second layer is our Rock We’re going to make sure that rock is a Porous Rock so you can keep the heat Without popping and soldering you guys Have any kind of getting some kind of Rock we do Oh I hate to bring it to you guys you don’t Use lava for everything here in Hawaii All right use lava rocket has no holes So they would pop this shatter probably Hurt someone and that is no bueno common Neighbor Rock here’s the light years And why do you think the stuff that used Lava rock says when he gets his iPhone Repeat after me Put that together It takes a nice ride down from our Mountain Streams makes it smooth and Force so it can keep the heat without Popping and shattering so our rock is That riverbed wrong suppose we have our First and our second layers down our Wooden our Rock to a nice amber color we Know it’s red hot and time to throw on Our third layer and our third layer is Our fuel source that third layer Scoliage would happen before 90 of water So when we shred it up and make a Benefit on those hot rocks they melt and Make Steam and Steve is what’s cooking Our cake for those 12 hours our foliage In things like tea leaves autonomies or We mostly uses banana stuff very chunky 90 water shred that up and make a Benefit all those roxondale belt fxt and Cook that cake for those 12 hours That’s not fake skin folks that is real Steam guys we’re gonna break all right Oh my God So there we have it folks that is Or a roasted pork on the side we gotta Smash your pork shoulder and pork butts For you guys and underneath you can see All that banana sock that was melting on That riverbed Rock to make all that Steam so could cook for 12 hours [Applause] [Music] Foreign [Music] Our land and its resources and what our Kupuna our elders have left for us to Perpetuate our culture not just for you Folks here today but also with the Future of Hawaii yeah my brother kione Over here he’s going to be pounding some Tarot which is going to be an important Uber route into what I’m going to be Talking about later now with that being Said the Hawaiian people were very smart Innovative and creative individuals they Survived by living off the I know living On living off this land and being Stewards of the land and sea yeah one of The greatest creations of the Hawaiian People besides many other things that Helped lay a foundation for the many Years to come is the creation of Something we call the ahutua so repeat After me you want to take this word part First part can guys all say Hey guys Was a land division that would run from The mountain down to the Sea welcome to Mankind yeah it was also a systematic Process inside this land division where Hawaiians would gather and maintain Resources from the mountain to the Sea So that they can all benefit from one Another now the reason why this Alpha Was so important to the Hawaiian people Because it taught us that kuleana a Responsibility by all who lived on these Islands are the only way to survive as One now one main important resource in This system was fresh water the Hawaiian Word for fresh water is bite you guys All say bye This fresh water would run from the Mountain to the Sea Mountain to Makai so Everyone can benefit from that resource Now instead of completely diverting our Waters back in the day what we did is we Worked with this natural flow to create The hundreds of terraces we used to have Here because of these long river waves It gave Hawaiians an opportunity to grow Hawaiian crops such as my um which is Our banana Hawaiian breadfruit voila native Hawaiian sweet potato cold sugar cane And the most important crop to the Hawaiian people are Kalo which is Formerly Known around the world as tarot Yeah and I believe that some of you guys If I tried tear on some sort of way but For those guys who don’t know what Tara Is turtle is our starch yeah now the Reason why this color was so important To the Hawaiian people because it was Said that the first Sprout of our Kalo Plant came from the burial site of the First kanaka or Hawaiian therefore Revered by the Hawaiian people it’s not Just a good source of nutrients the Kalo Has taught us like genealogy you know as You can say it’s honest the importance Of creation life and the most important Phrase to the Hawaiian people Aina Malama meaning to take care I ended up Eating land we take care of this land in Return this line would take care of us My little sisters will be demonstrating For you starting with your hands on your Hips feet shoulder width apart and the Most important thing we’re gonna do is Bend our knees while we bend the more You bend the more those hips will sway So everybody loosen up the hips so I am From side to side try not to move those Shoulders keep those through the smiles On we’ll be swaying our hips with every Motion we do tonight so we are going to Learn the first motion and it is called The koholo can we please say koholo Go Hollow is two steps to the right tap Your foot two steps to the left tap your Foot we’ll do it all together ready to The right two three four and left two Three four right two three four and left Two three four keep it going you’re Looking good out there and the Kohala is The most common step you’ll see us do Tonight so look out for that one later We’re gonna move on to something…

Old Lahaina Luau 🐖 2/23 #oldlahainaluau #bestluau #maui2023 #hawaii2023 #mauiluau #made2trip

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Old Lahaina Luau

Welcome to the Old Lahaina Luau, the best and most traditional Luau in Hawaii! If you’re looking to experience authentic Hawaiian history, customs, and mouthwatering food, then you’re in for a treat. The Old Lahaina Luau has gained a reputation for its stunning shows, front-row seating, and immersive cultural experience. As we embark on this adventure, let’s dive into why this luau is considered a must-visit and what you can expect from this unique Hawaiian experience.

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Preparing for the Old Lahaina Luau

Alright, now let’s get to the main event – the Old Lahaina Luau! We couldn’t be more thrilled to be attending this iconic cultural celebration. Our family has been visiting Hawaii since 2020, and the Old Lahaina Luau has become a cherished tradition for us. The anticipation is building as we imagine the delectable food and captivating hula dancers that await us at the luau.

Luau Experience

While we are filled with excitement for the upcoming Old Lahaina Luau, we want to set the right expectations. It’s important to note that this particular luau does not include traditional fire dancing. However, there are plenty of other awe-inspiring performances that will leave you in awe.

One of the highlights of the Old Lahaina Luau is the cooking process. The pigs are cooked in an underground oven, known as an imu. This cooking method dates back centuries and is deeply rooted in Hawaiian culture. Layers of wood, rocks, and foliage are carefully arranged to create the perfect cooking environment.

Each layer serves a specific purpose in the cooking process. The bottom layer consists of mesquite wood, which lends a unique flavor and aroma to the food. The second layer comprises porous rocks that retain and distribute heat evenly. These rocks are carefully selected to prevent any bursting or injuries. Finally, the third layer consists of foliage, such as banana leaves, soaked in water. When the hot rocks come in contact with the wet foliage, steam is created, cooking the food for an extended period and infusing it with incredible flavors.

Beyond the culinary experience, the Old Lahaina Luau provides insights into the significance of land division and fresh water resources in Hawaiian culture. The Hawaiian term for land division is ‘ahupua’a.’ It refers to a system that extends from the mountain to the sea, ensuring the equitable distribution of resources throughout the community. Fresh water, symbolized by the Hawaiian word ‘wai,’ is a vital resource that flows from mountain streams to the sea, nourishing both the land and its people.

Taro, a staple crop for the Hawaiian people, holds tremendous cultural and historical significance. Known as ‘kalo’ in Hawaiian, taro is not just a source of starch and nutrients but also represents the concept of creation, life, and the importance of taking care of the land. The first sprout of the kalo plant is said to have emerged from the burial site of the first Hawaiian, making it deeply revered by the local community.

At the Old Lahaina Luau, audience participation is highly encouraged, especially when it comes to hula dancing. We’ll have the opportunity to learn traditional hula dance moves and sway our hips to the rhythmic beats of Polynesian music. So, be ready to showcase your hula skills and join in on the fun!


As our journey at the Old Lahaina Luau draws to a close, we can’t help but reflect on the incredible experience we’ve had. The Old Lahaina Luau has truly lived up to its reputation as the best and most traditional Luau in Hawaii. From the immersive cultural performances to the mouthwatering food and the warm hospitality, every aspect of this luau has been nothing short of exceptional.

We hope this article has given you a glimpse into the magic of the Old Lahaina Luau. It’s an experience that seamlessly blends Hawaiian history, cultural customs, and delicious cuisine, all while spreading the message of love and aloha. Whether you’re a first-time visitor or a seasoned Hawaii enthusiast, attending the Old Lahaina Luau is an absolute must.

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