In a tragic incident off the coast of Molokaʻi, a spear fisherman lost consciousness while diving and unfortunately passed away despite the efforts of those around him to save his life. The incident occurred on Sunday afternoon when the man was spearfishing approximately one mile offshore. Family and friends immediately sprang into action, providing life-saving measures onboard and continuing their efforts once ashore. However, despite their best attempts, they were unable to revive him. The victim has been identified as August Meyers, a 55-year-old resident of Waiʻanae. Authorities have conducted a preliminary investigation and have found no signs of foul play. An autopsy has been scheduled to determine the cause of death.

Ocean Death: Spear fisherman loses consciousness in waters off Molokaʻi

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The obituaries section provides a platform for remembering and honoring those who have passed away. It serves as a way to share information about their lives, accomplishments, and the impact they made on their community. In the case of the spear fisherman who lost consciousness in waters off Molokaʻi, his obituary would be included in this section as a way to pay tribute to his life and offer condolences to his family.

Police Investigation

The police investigation into the spear fisherman’s incident is an important aspect of understanding what happened and why. In this case, the incident was reported at 1:55 p.m. on Sunday, September 3, 2023. Molokaʻi Patrol officers responded to Kamalo Wharf in Kaunakakai after receiving a report of an unresponsive man. The man had been spearfishing approximately one mile offshore when he lost consciousness. Family and friends on board immediately initiated life-saving measures, and once onshore, fire and medic personnel took over. Unfortunately, despite their efforts, the man did not survive. The victim has been identified as August Meyers, a 55-year-old resident of Waiʻanae. The police investigation will aim to determine the cause of the incident and whether any foul play was involved.

Autopsy Scheduled

To gain further insight into the cause of death, an autopsy has been scheduled. This procedure will be conducted by medical professionals with the aim of determining the exact cause of the fisherman’s loss of consciousness and subsequent death. It will involve a thorough examination of the body and potentially the collection of samples for further analysis. The results of the autopsy will provide valuable information for the investigation and may help prevent similar incidents from occurring in the future.

Previous Incidents

While each incident is unique, it’s important to look at previous incidents to understand the broader context of the risks and challenges associated with spearfishing and other ocean activities. In the past, there have been incidents such as the case of a missing spear fisherman at Nākālele, a visitor losing consciousness while engaged in ocean activities, and a kayak fisherman who required rescue in large surf. These incidents highlight the unpredictable nature of the ocean and the potential dangers that individuals may face. On a brighter note, there have also been successful recoveries, such as the body of a missing fisherman being recovered and the opening of a new store by Purebred Fisherman. Additionally, there have been expeditions aimed at exploring the ocean depths, furthering our knowledge and understanding of the underwater world.

Safety Precautions for Spearfishing

Given the inherent risks involved, it’s crucial to take safety precautions when participating in spearfishing or any other ocean activities. Some important safety tips to keep in mind include:

  1. Always dive with a buddy: Having a diving partner can greatly enhance safety by providing an extra set of eyes and assistance in case of an emergency.

  2. Be aware of your limits: Understanding your own capabilities and limitations is crucial when engaging in any activity. Do not push yourself beyond your comfort zone or dive deeper than your training and experience allow.

  3. Check the conditions: Before entering the water, assess the weather, surf conditions, and visibility. Choose a day with favorable conditions and always prioritize your safety.

  4. Use proper equipment: Ensure that you have the right gear for spearfishing, including a wetsuit, dive mask, snorkel, weight belt, and speargun. Regularly inspect and maintain your equipment to ensure it is functioning properly.

  5. Familiarize yourself with the area: Before diving in a new location, learn about the potential hazards, currents, and marine life that are present. This knowledge can help you make informed decisions and stay safe.

  6. Stay hydrated and fueled: It’s important to stay hydrated and maintain your energy levels while engaging in physical activities. Bring water and snacks to ensure you have enough energy to complete your dive safely.

By following these safety precautions and staying vigilant, you can minimize the risks associated with spearfishing and enjoy the sport responsibly.


The tragic incident involving the spear fisherman losing consciousness in waters off Molokaʻi is a stark reminder of the potential dangers of ocean activities. While the investigation continues to determine the exact cause of the incident, it’s important to acknowledge the risks and take necessary precautions when engaging in any water-based activity. By staying informed through breaking news alerts and being aware of previous incidents, individuals can make informed choices and prioritize their safety. Our thoughts go out to the victim’s family, and we hope that this tragedy serves as a reminder for everyone to exercise caution and promote safety in all ocean activities.