In a generous move to support those affected by the devastating Maui Wildfire Disaster, Mayor Richard Bissen has announced that property taxes for improved properties completely destroyed by the fires will be waived for the upcoming fiscal year. This applies specifically to improved properties in Upcountry, Kīhei, and Lahaina that were not vacant land prior to the disaster and have either a residential or commercial structure. The Department of Finance will be compiling a list of affected properties, and refunds will be issued to those who have already paid their taxes.-

Mayor Bissen waives property taxes for improved properties destroyed in Maui Wildfire Disaster

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Mayor Bissen Waives Property Taxes for Improved Properties Destroyed in Maui Wildfire Disaster

Mayor Richard Bissen of Maui has announced a groundbreaking initiative to waive property taxes for improved properties that were completely destroyed in the devastating Maui Wildfire Disaster. This generous move aims to provide relief to affected property owners in the Upcountry, Kīhei, and Lahaina areas. By waiving property taxes, Mayor Bissen hopes to alleviate the financial burden faced by those who have lost their homes or businesses in this tragic event.


Announcement by Mayor Richard Bissen

In an official statement, Mayor Richard Bissen announced that property taxes for fiscal year 2023-24 would be waived for improved properties that were completely destroyed in the Maui Wildfire Disaster. This decision reflects the mayor’s commitment to supporting the affected community during these challenging times.

Applicable Areas: Upcountry, Kīhei, and Lahaina

The property tax waiver applies to improved properties in Upcountry, Kīhei, and Lahaina. These areas were heavily impacted by the wildfire disaster, and the mayor has recognized the need to provide assistance to property owners in these regions.

Eligibility Criteria for Properties to be Waived

To be eligible for the property tax waiver, properties must have been completely destroyed in the wildfire disaster. Improved properties, which have either residential or commercial structures, are eligible for the waiver. Vacant land that was not improved prior to the disaster is not eligible.

Department of Finance

Compiling a List of Completely Destroyed Improved Properties

The Department of Finance, responsible for property taxes, is compiling a comprehensive list of improved properties that were completely destroyed by the wildfires. This list will include the address and tax map key of each property to ensure accuracy.

Refunds for Properties with Already Paid Taxes

For properties that have already paid property taxes for fiscal year 2023-24, refunds will be issued to the payer by October 31, 2023. This ensures that property owners who have already made payments will receive the appropriate reimbursement.

Process for People Not on Initial Waiver List

The Department of Finance will soon announce a process for individuals whose properties were not initially included in the waiver list. This process will allow those affected to submit their information and be considered for the property tax waiver.

Maui Wildfire Disaster

Introduction to the Devastating Wildfires

The Maui Wildfire Disaster began on August 8, 2023, engulfing several areas of the island in flames. The ferocity of the wildfires caused widespread destruction, leaving many homes and businesses in ruins. The impact on the affected communities has been immense, with families and individuals grappling with the loss of their properties.

Ongoing Efforts to Extinguish the Fires

Efforts to extinguish the wildfires are still ongoing. Firefighters, emergency response teams, and volunteers are working tirelessly to bring the situation under control. The community has shown incredible unity and resilience in the face of this disaster, supporting one another in any way possible.

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Updates on Maui Wildfire Disaster

Stay informed about the latest updates on the Maui Wildfire Disaster through reliable news sources. Regular updates will provide valuable information on ongoing firefighting efforts, aid initiatives, and community support.


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