Have you ever wondered how and why surfing became so popular in Hawaii?

This, in fact, can be traced back to the 4th century AD, when the Polynesians made their way to the Hawaiian Islands from Tahiti and the Marquesas, bringing with them the custom of playing in the surf on Paipo or belly boards. By the late 1700s, riding the waves on long hardwood surfboards had become a part of the ancient Hawaiian culture, owing also to the fact that the Hawaiian Islands are surrounded with waters so inviting for surfing. At present, surfing is so ingrained in the Hawaiian culture that it is now a famous water activity, well-known sport, and, of course, a must-try for tourists visiting the Island! Thus, if you’re travelling to Hawaii, particularly in Maui, do not miss the opportunity to ride the waves! For an individualized and more supervised surfing lesson, let Maui Wave Riders give you a surfing experience of a lifetime with its Private or Semi-Private Surf Lesson package!

You are guaranteed to be in good hands when you book its surfing lessons, as Maui Wave Riders is a renowned top-rated company in the Island of Maui. A family owned and operated business, Maui Wave Riders aims to provide fun and safe surfing lessons for beginners and an unforgettable surfing experience for the not-so new ones! What’s great about Maui Wave Riders’ Private or Semi-Private Surf Lesson is that while it is, literally, a session for learning how to surf, the instructors will adjust and adapt to the already-acquired skills of each student. Those with prior knowledge and experience in surfing are thus still welcome to book this package and make it the highlight of their trip to Maui Island!

Each Private or Semi-Private Surf Lesson starts with a brief introduction on the shore to discuss and learn the basics–the different types of surfboards, their parts, light warm-up exercises, the proper stance and pace, and, of course, ocean safety. This introductory part will only last for up to around 15 minutes, so that most of the time is spent in the water and actually catching waves and going surfing! As Maui Wave Riders’ Private or Semi-Private Surf Lesson is two hours long, you will really spend a lot of time having an exciting surfing adventure with your small group and instructor, or just your own instructor if you book the private lesson!

Don’t worry about bringing or buying anything for the session, as Maui Wave Riders’ Private or Semi-Private Surf Lesson is inclusive of everything that you will need, such as the rash guard, reef booties, and all the surf equipment. You can rely on the quality of these equipment, just as you can rely on Maui Wave Riders’ well-skilled surf instructors. Like its founders and owners who have had years of surfing experience, Maui Wave Riders’ surf instructors are also very much trained and qualified to give you the best surfing lessons on the Island. Some of its instructors participate (and have won!) several surfing competitions, some have been surfing since their childhood, and, here’s a fun fact: One of Maui Wave Riders surf instructors was actually assigned to trained Hollywood actor Gerard Butler to surf for his main role in the movie Mavericks! The list goes on, but one thing is for sure, really — Maui Wave Riders are run by the best surfers and surf instructors in Maui, no doubt!

The main selling point of Maui Wave Riders’ Private or Semi-Private Surf Lesson is that it offers an individualized and more supervised surfing session to the student. The semi-private lesson is the ideal option for couples or for families with kids. A more personalized session than the group lesson, this semi-private lesson allows you to have more attention and guidance from your assigned surf instructor, all depending on your skills, preferences, and needs. To book this tour, you must have at least two people in your group. Meanwhile, the most personalized is the private lesson, which is perfect for those who really want to work on their skills, and be carefully guided by their instructor, whose focus is you and only you. This is an ideal choice for those who are too hesitant and a little too shy to join a group! 

What are you waiting for? Have that individualized and more supervised surfing lesson with Maui Wave Riders! You will certainly end the session with more confidence, skill, and that lingering desire to catch more waves!