Maui Luaus” is a captivating video by Hawaii Luaus that highlights the incredible popularity of Maui Luaus among both visitors and locals. Whether you’re on a Maui vacation or a resident of the island, attending a Maui Luau is a must-do experience. This video provides a brief overview of what to expect at one of the better Maui luaus, including a picturesque sunset over the water, mouthwatering dishes, beautiful music, talented dancers, a glimpse into the history of the islands, tropical drinks, and an awe-inspiring fire dancing show. There’s a luau perfect for everyone, whether you’re with your family, your partner, on a budget, or looking to go all out. You won’t want to miss this enchanting celebration of Hawaiian culture and entertainment.

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Maui Luaus

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What is a luau?

A luau is a traditional Hawaiian feast or party that is typically accompanied by entertainment such as music, dancing, and fire performances. It is a celebration of Hawaiian culture and is often held outdoors, taking advantage of the beautiful tropical surroundings. Luaus have become an iconic part of Hawaiian tourism, allowing visitors to experience the rich history, delicious food, and vibrant entertainment of the islands.

History of Maui Luaus

The history of Maui Luaus can be traced back to ancient Hawaii. Luaus were originally grand feasts reserved for royalty and high-ranking chiefs to celebrate special occasions. These feasts were lavish affairs that showcased the abundance of the islands, with huge quantities of food, music, and entertainment. Over time, luaus became more accessible to the general population and are now a popular cultural activity on Maui.

Types of Maui Luaus

Family-friendly Luaus

Maui offers a variety of family-friendly luaus that are perfect for those traveling with children. These luaus often feature interactive activities and games for kids, ensuring that the whole family can enjoy the experience. From hula lessons to lei-making workshops, children can immerse themselves in the Hawaiian culture while their parents relax and savor the flavors of the island.

Romantic Luaus for Couples

For couples seeking a romantic evening out, Maui has several luaus that cater specifically to intimate settings. These luaus often offer private tables with stunning ocean views, candlelit dinners, and enchanting live music. Whether it’s celebrating a honeymoon, anniversary, or simply enjoying a romantic getaway, these luaus create the perfect ambiance for lovebirds.

Budget-friendly Luaus

Traveling on a budget doesn’t mean you have to miss out on the luau experience. Maui has budget-friendly luaus that offer a taste of Hawaiian culture without breaking the bank. These luaus typically offer a more scaled-down version of the traditional feast and entertainment but still provide an enjoyable evening for visitors. For those looking to experience the essence of a luau while being mindful of their budget, these options are a great choice.

Luxurious and High-end Luaus

For those looking to go all out and indulge in the very best Maui has to offer, there are luxurious and high-end luaus available. These luaus often feature gourmet meals prepared by renowned chefs, top-notch entertainment with world-class performers, and exclusive VIP services. They provide an extravagant and unforgettable experience for those seeking the ultimate luau experience.

Traditional Elements of a Maui Luau

Imu Ceremony

One of the most fascinating aspects of a Maui luau is the imu ceremony. An imu is an underground oven used for cooking traditional Hawaiian dishes such as kalua pig. The imu ceremony involves the unveiling of the kalua pig, which is cooked for hours in an underground pit. Witnessing the unearthing of the smoky and succulent kalua pig is a highlight of any luau and showcases the traditional cooking methods of the Hawaiian people.

Maui Sunset & Show

The backdrop of a Maui luau is the breathtaking sunset over the ocean. As the sky turns into hues of orange and pink, guests are treated to a mesmerizing display of nature’s beauty. This magical moment sets the tone for the evening, creating a romantic and captivating ambiance. The sunset is often followed by a vibrant and entertaining show, showcasing traditional Hawaiian music, dance performances, and storytelling.

Luau Feast

A luau feast is a culinary adventure that introduces guests to a wide array of traditional Hawaiian dishes. From poi (a staple made from taro root) to lomi lomi salmon (a refreshing salad), guests have the opportunity to savor the flavors of the Hawaiian islands. Other popular dishes often found at a luau include kalua pig, laulau (meat wrapped in taro leaves), and haupia (a sweet coconut dessert). A luau feast is a feast for both the stomach and the senses, allowing visitors to experience the unique tastes of Hawaii.

Dance and Music

No luau is complete without the enchanting dance and music performances that showcase Hawaiian culture. Guests are treated to vibrant hula dances, accompanied by traditional music played on instruments such as the ukulele and the drums. The graceful movements, colorful costumes, and melodic tunes transport guests to a world of Polynesian beauty and storytelling.

Fire Dancing

Fire dancing is a captivating and thrilling part of many Maui luaus. Skilled performers adeptly twirl and spin fiery batons, creating a mesmerizing light show against the dark sky. The skill and precision of these fire dancers are truly awe-inspiring, leaving guests amazed and entertained. Fire dancing adds an element of excitement and spectacle to the luau experience, making it a memorable event for all attendees.

Popular Maui Luau Locations

Maui offers a variety of stunning locations to experience a luau. Here are some popular choices:

  • Old Lahaina Luau: Located in Lahaina, this luau is renowned for its authentic and immersive experience, showcasing the rich history and traditions of Maui.
  • Feast at Lele: Situated on the beach in Lahaina, Feast at Lele is known for its gourmet four-course meal and cultural performances representing four different Polynesian regions.
  • Royal Lahaina Luau: This luau takes place in Kaanapali and offers a beautiful oceanfront setting, a lavish feast, and an exciting Polynesian revue.
  • Te Au Moana Luau: Located at the Marriott Wailea Beach Resort, Te Au Moana Luau is known for its breathtaking ocean views and cultural storytelling.

Maui Luau Tips

To make the most of your Maui luau experience, here are some helpful tips:

Make Reservations in Advance

Luaus are popular and can sell out quickly, especially during peak travel season. It is advisable to make your reservations in advance to secure your spot and avoid disappointment. Check with the luau provider about their cancellation policy and make any necessary adjustments to your plans if needed.

Arrive Early

Arriving early to the luau allows you to secure a good seat and fully immerse yourself in the pre-show activities. Take advantage of the extra time to explore the venue, take photos, and learn more about the Hawaiian culture. Early arrival also ensures that you have enough time to find parking and settle in comfortably before the festivities begin.

Dress Appropriately

Maui luaus are often held outdoors, so it is essential to dress comfortably and appropriately for the occasion. Since the evenings can get cooler, it is advisable to bring a light sweater or jacket. Additionally, wearing comfortable shoes will make it easier to move around and participate in any activities or games that may be offered.

Bring Cash for Tipping

Tipping is customary at luaus to show appreciation for the service provided. It is recommended to bring cash in small denominations to tip the performers, waitstaff, and any other service providers. Tips are usually given at the end of the evening, so be sure to have enough cash on hand to express your gratitude.

Consider Transportation Options

If you plan on enjoying a few tropical drinks during the luau, it may be wise to consider transportation options other than driving yourself. Many luaus offer shuttle services or can recommend local transportation services to ensure you get to and from the event safely. By arranging transportation in advance, you can relax and fully enjoy the evening without worrying about driving.

Try Local Cuisine

A luau is a fantastic opportunity to indulge in authentic Hawaiian cuisine. Be adventurous and try dishes that may be unfamiliar to you. From the savory flavors of kalua pig to the unique taste of poi, the culinary delights of a luau will introduce you to the diverse flavors of the islands. Don’t be afraid to ask the waitstaff about the dishes and their cultural significance.

Participate in Activities and Games

Many luaus offer interactive activities and games that allow guests to immerse themselves in the Hawaiian culture. From hula lessons to lei-making workshops, participating in these activities adds an extra element of fun and engagement to the evening. Embrace the opportunity to learn something new and make lasting memories during your luau experience.

Top Maui Luaus

With so many luaus to choose from, here are some top picks in Maui:

  1. Old Lahaina Luau: This luau consistently ranks as one of the best in Maui, offering an authentic and immersive experience.
  2. Feast at Lele: Known for its gourmet meal and stunning beachfront location, Feast at Lele provides a unique and elegant luau experience.
  3. Drums of the Pacific Luau: Situated at the Hyatt Regency Maui Resort and Spa, this luau features a delicious buffet, cultural performances, and a stunning ocean backdrop.
  4. Kaanapali Sunset Luau at Black Rock: Located at the Sheraton Maui Resort and Spa, this luau offers breathtaking sunset views and an entertaining Polynesian show.
  5. Te Au Moana Luau: With its picturesque ocean views and captivating storytelling, Te Au Moana Luau provides a memorable and enchanting luau experience.


A Maui luau is an experience that should not be missed when visiting the island. It offers a unique opportunity to immerse yourself in Hawaiian culture, indulge in delicious food, and be entertained by traditional music and dance performances. Whether you’re traveling with family, seeking a romantic evening, or exploring Maui on a budget, there is a luau experience tailored to your needs. So make sure to reserve your spot, arrive early, and prepare to be captivated by the beauty and magic of a Maui luau.