Here’s a quick history on Hawaiian fishing — It can be traced back to the time of the ancient Hawaiians, when fishing held a central role in their daily lives.

 It was through fishing that they drew their everyday sustenance, so they maintained a more personal and spiritual relationship with it. Ancient Hawaiians then honed their fishing skills by testing out different techniques, different traps and lures, to find out the most effective way to catch their food. One of these techniques is spearfishing, which you can get to try when you’re in Maui! Come and experience this authentic bit of ancient Hawaiian culture with Lopaka’s Aloha Adventures’ Maui Spearfishing!

What’s so special about Lopaka’s Aloha Adventures is that its activities give guests a taste of the traditional Hawaiian life. For this tour in particular, you and your companions can try your hands on spearfishing, one of the earliest methods of catching fish! Since ancient civilizations did not have yet the modern tools at that time, they had to make do with a spear for fishing, which actually turned out to be an effective technique to catch their food.

With Lopaka’s Aloha Adventures’ Maui Spearfishing, you will get to have a once in a lifetime experience of trying traditional Hawaiian fishing, despite the emergence of different fishing methods, tools, and technologies!

Inclusive of the Lopaka’s Aloha Adventures’ Maui Spearfishing package tour is, of course, the spear, and as well as gloves to protect your hands as you try to pursue fish. Since spearfishing is done underwater, you will also be provided with a wetsuit top, snorkel, mask and fins, and a weight belt. These all may seem a little too overwhelming at first, but don’t worry as Lopaka’s Aloha Adventures’ well-trained crew will guide you every step of the way. Aside from giving you a comprehensive tutorial on how to do spearfishing, they will also teach you underwater breathing techniques, orient you on how to properly identify fish, and enlighten you about reef awareness and protection. With their skill in spearfishing, experience in handling tours, and passion for the sea and its marine life, you are guaranteed to be in good hands with Lopaka’s Aloha Adventures. Don’t hesitate to inform them about any concern you may have coming into this tour, as the crew may also gladly customize the dive according to your preference and capabilities. With Lopaka’s Aloha Adventures, your enjoyment is their priority!


Words will not be able to explain the feeling of getting to successfully spear your first fish. The view underwater is inexplicably beautiful, too, which is another treat when you book Lopaka’s Aloha Adventures’ Maui Spearfishing! While this experience will last for only two hours, the memories that you will make in this tour are sure to last you a lifetime. Of course, aside from these beautiful memories, you will also get to take home your fish catch! Once the crew members have cleared your fish catch as safe to eat, they will then share with you authentic Hawaiian recipes, so you can best enjoy your fresh seafood. Guests are also given the choice to donate their fish catch to less privileged families, so you can go for this option, too. Whether you choose to taste or to share, this is certainly a perfect way to end a fun-filled spearfishing day!


Let Lopaka’s Aloha Adventures take you to a Maui spearfishing adventure you will never forget! Slots get booked quickly, so go and reserve yours now!


Lopaka’s Aloha Adventures’ Maui Spearfishing Tour Highlights

  1. Try your hands on spearfishing, one of the earliest Hawaiian fishing methods.
  2. Go on an underwater sightseeing adventure, as spearfishing is a below-the-surface activity.
  3. Be informed about the different kinds of fish and reef protection and awareness by the crew.
  4. Choose to take home your edible fish catch, with some delicious Hawaiian recipes from the crew, or donate the fish catch to less privileged families.


Lopaka’s Aloha Adventures’ Maui Spearfishing Tour Inclusions

  1. Underwater swimming gear (wetsuit top, snorkel, mask, fins, and weight belt)
  2. Spearfishing gear (spear and gloves)
  3. Instructions on proper breathing techniques, fish identification, and reef protection


Lopaka’s Aloha Adventures’ Maui Spearfishing Special Instructions

  1. Minimum age for spearfishing is 10 years old.
  2. Participants must be able to swim, float, and tread water.
  3. There is no specific start time for this tour, as it is always dependent on the water and weather conditions. Lopaka’s Aloha Adventures will call you a day before the scheduled tour to coordinate and secure the time.
  4. Spearfishing location is also dependent on the water and weather conditions, but it will definitely be just around 15 minutes off Lahaina.
  5. Guests are given the option to take home the fish catch or share it with less privileged families. If you choose to keep your catch, make sure to clear with the crew first as to which kinds and breeds are good to keep.