You will feel like you are FLYING just inches above the water

5 hours • If you think surfing is fun, wait until you try EFOILING

Group of 4 people • Ages 16+


5 hours


Your 5 hours lesson will take you from prone – to standing – to flying over the ocean. This hydrofoil is powered by an electric motor, so you won’t be working hard at all. Our instructors work one-on-one with you on land and on the water to get you flying in your first session.

Efoils are self-propelled all-electric hydrofoil boards. You may not be familiar with the term “hydrofoil”, but you probably have seen them. A hydrofoil is literally a wing that is attached to the bottom side of a surfboard (or boat) to create lift underwater. This allows the rider to lift the board above the surface of the water to achieve a flying action which is very exhilarating. An efoil combines the board with the hydrofoil and adds an electric propeller to generate enough thrust to achieve flight.

The 5 hours lesson includes:

Ocean safety
Efoil safety (life vest, helmet, and a whistle are provided)
Efoil operation
Rules and regulations that apply to efoil operation in Hawaii
Respect for ocean resources
Every customer receives one-to-one instruction. This means that an instructor will be on the beach, and on the water with each student for the duration of the lesson. All instructors are trained on ocean safety, boating safety, and first aid CPR. Every student is required to wear a life vest, helmet, and a whistle for safety (all provided with the lesson). Our goal is to get each customer to stand up on the efoil and to experience the sensation of flying over water.