Lava Tube Dives - North Shore 2 tank

Pupukea Beach Park, North Shore

2 Dives • All Certified Divers Welcome • Sharks Cove, Cathedrals, Three Tables


4 Hours


Beautiful and unique dives in world renown Pupukea Marine Life Preserve, known locally as “Sharks Cove” Here we encounter amazing underwater topography such as lava tubes and tunnels, trenches, arches and an abundance of protected marine life such as turtles, monk seals, octopi, rays, and a plethora of native fish. With max depths of around 45ft, these dives are perfect for all experience levels!*


A lava tube is a lava cave that can form when lava, or pahoehoe in Hawaiian, flows beneath the surface of hardened rock. As the underground flow slows and cools, tunnels can form as it creates a crust around itself. Underwater, this creates a truly spectacular seascape few people see. Tunnels, caverns, arches, pillars, and trenches resulting from this geological process are spread throughout some of the dives we offer at Banzai Diver Hawaii.