Lahaina Adventure

Maui, Hawaii

2 Hours

Adventure Tour

All Vehicles Seat 4 People
All Drivers selected are assigned 1 vehicle with the option to add passengers – Solo drivers do not have the ability to add passengers.


2 Hours


This tour is for the off-road adventure enthusiast! In addition to the views, livestock, and wildlife, this tour really lets you and your guests see the full capability of these ATV’s. With thrills around every corner, this tour will quicken your pulse and put a smile on your face that will last well after your plane has arrived home. The experience includes bamboo forest runs, mud, hill climbs, river crossings, jungle canopy, forest, tight turns, as well as some decent straights to open these machines up a bit. Never a dull moment. Always exciting.


  • Definitely an off-road adventure
  • Clients will get very dirty and possibly soaking wet (how wet they get is controlled by the driver and how they choose to drive through mud and riverbeds).
  • Chance of rain, raincoats are available for rent or ponchos for purchase.
  • Clients MUST understand that this is an off-road adventure and they WILL get dirty and wet!
  • We do not provide showers to get completely cleaned up. We have sinks and paper towels to wash hands, arms, and face.
  • We recommend bringing a towel for a rental car.
  • Clients must wear closed toe shoes