Hey there! Are you interested in hearing about the amazing adventures of an adventurous married couple, Adam and Kathryn, on their first two days exploring the Big Island of Hawaii? Well, buckle up because they’ve got quite the itinerary! From relaxing on beautiful white sand beaches to indulging in mouthwatering Hawaiian treats like shave ice, poke, and acai bowls, they’re really making the most of their time there. But the highlight of their trip so far? night snorkeling with majestic manta rays! They describe it as one of the coolest things they’ve ever done. Adam and Kathryn have also taken the time to recommend some must-visit spots, like the coffee shop Kai with its great views, and even share their social media accounts and website for more travel guides and resources. So, if you’re looking to maximize your vacation time and money, be sure to check out their adventures! And don’t forget to subscribe to their channel for weekly travel vlogs.

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Day 1: Exploring Kona and Relaxing

Welcome to the Adventures of A+K! We’re Adam and Kathryn, and we’re thrilled to share our first two days on the Big Island of Hawaii with you. We’ve been to Hawaii multiple times before, but this is our first time on the Big Island, and let us tell you, it’s absolutely incredible! The Big Island is aptly named, as it’s larger than all the other islands combined. It’s split into six different areas, and we apologize in advance for any mispronunciations of Hawaiian words we may have during our time here.

On our first day, we decided to take it easy and relax after the journey. We started by visiting Kona coffee and tea at Kui Bay, where we grabbed some delicious Kona coffee and enjoyed the stunning views from the patio. It was the perfect way to start our adventure. Afterward, we headed to the beaches to soak up the sun and enjoy the crystal-clear waters.

We visited Kui Bay, Hapuna Beach, and Makalawena Beach. All three beaches offer white sand and breathtaking views. Kui Bay is a hidden gem with calm waters, perfect for swimming or snorkeling. Hapuna Beach is known for its long stretch of sandy shoreline and is great for sunbathing. Makalawena Beach, although a bit harder to access, is worth the effort with its untouched beauty and serene atmosphere. We highly recommend spending some time at each of these stunning beaches during your visit to the Big Island.

Day 2: Kona Food Adventure

Today, we decided to embark on a food adventure in Kona. We started our day with a delicious breakfast at Basic Cafe, where we decided to try acai bowls for the first time. We must admit, we were quite skeptical at first, but we were pleasantly surprised by how filling and delicious they were. The acai bowls at Basic Cafe were overflowing with fresh fruit and toppings, and we couldn’t resist getting the largest size.

Our next stop was The Poke Shack, a popular spot on the island known for its tasty poke bowls. Now, we have to be honest here. Kathryn was a bit nervous about trying raw fish, but we both wanted to step out of our comfort zones and try something new. To our surprise, we absolutely loved the poke bowls! The fish was incredibly fresh, and the combinations of flavors were out of this world. We highly recommend giving poke a try, even if you’re a bit unsure at first.

After enjoying our poke bowls, we decided to explore Kailua-Kona. We took our time strolling through the town, admiring the local shops and soaking in the vibrant atmosphere. The smell of freshly brewed coffee wafted through the air, and we couldn’t resist stopping at a local café for a refreshing cup of joe.

As the day started to heat up, we sought out a cool treat to beat the heat, and we found just the place – Scandinavian Shave Ice. We indulged in a large shave ice with various flavors and a scoop of ice cream on top. It was the perfect way to cool down and satisfy our sweet tooth. If you’re in the area, Scandinavian Shave Ice is definitely a must-visit.

But our day didn’t end there. We had something truly special planned for the evening – night snorkeling with manta rays. It was an incredible experience unlike anything we had ever done before. The manta rays gracefully glided through the water, coming incredibly close to us. It was a magical experience that we will never forget. We highly recommend trying night snorkeling with manta rays, and we can’t thank Men are Dives of Hawaii enough for providing such a memorable adventure.


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Mahalo for reading, and we hope you have an amazing time exploring the Big Island of Hawaii!