Among the eight major islands in Hawaii, the Big Island, also referred to as Hawai’i, is known to be the most diverse.

 It is home to a great number of beautiful beaches, majestic mountains and volcanoes, lush valleys, and even a wide variety of tropical flowers unique to the island. This place is perfect for those who want to take a break from the bustling city life and just be connected with nature, and certainly, there is no better way to do this than to go on an eco-adventure. Let Kona Diving take you to an adventure of a lifetime where you can be one with nature by booking their Reef and Dolphin Snorkel Tour!

Kona Diving Eco-Adventures’ Reef and Dolphin Snorkel Tour is an ocean adventure that lets its guests wallow in the beauty of Kona Coast and its vibrant marine life. It begins with a relaxing cruise aboard The Manta, a 40-feet high-powered boat equipped with top-notch facilities for a stable and scenic ride.

 It has a comfortable fly-bridge seating with a 360-degree view, so you are sure to catch a glimpse of all the amazing coastline and ocean sights. In addition to these amenities, The Manta also has an oversized swim platform and a large ladder, especially furnished for the highlight of this package tour–the snorkeling adventure!


Keahole Bay, Makalawena, and Kiholo Bay are noted for their abundance of Hawaiian spinner dolphins and other marine organisms such as green sea turtles, tropical reef fish, and manta rays, and this is exactly where Kona Diving Eco-Adventures will take you on this tour. Upon arrival of The Manta in this fine snorkeling area, your underwater exploration begins! Inclusive of this package tour are all the snorkeling devices that you will need to ensure your utmost safety and enjoyment when you go into the water. Below the surface, prepare to see various species of marine creatures and as well as breathtaking coral reef formations that these creatures dwell in. With these stunning underwater views of the Hawaiian seas, you surely would want to snap photos to relive this awesome experience! If you do not have an underwater camera, do not fret as Kona Diving Eco-Adventures has got you covered. They have action cameras for rent exclusively for guests, so make sure to book yours upon check-in.


What’s great about Kona Diving Eco-Adventures is that apart from its exceptional services, it also enlightens its guests regarding the Hawaiian marine life and the different ways society can and must do to protect it. Its crew will educate you on the proper manner of doing animal interaction without irking and harming them in any way, so that these animals, too, will enjoy your visit in their natural homes. This is precisely what makes this package tour an eco-adventure; it allows you to explore and go on an adventurous activity while raising awareness about environmental and animal protection. Truly an awesome way to connect with nature and learn more about it!


If you’re travelling to Hawai’i, Kona Diving Eco-Adventures’ Reef and Dolphin Snorkel Tour is something you should not pass up on. Go and book your slot now!


Kona Diving Eco-Adventures’ Reef and Dolphin Snorkel Tour Highlights

  1. Breathtaking coastline and ocean sights on the Kona Coast
  2. Underwater exploration/snorkeling, inclusive of snorkel gear
  3. Dolphin and other marine life encounter
  4. Professional snorkel guides and conservationists


Kona Diving Eco-Adventures’ Reef and Dolphin Snorkel Tour Inclusions

  1. On-board refreshments (wraps, fresh fruits, soft drinks, and water)
  2. Flotation devices
  3. Snorkel gear


Kona Diving Eco-Adventures’ Reef and Dolphin Snorkel Tour Tips

  1. Respect the personal space of the dolphins and other marine animals.
  2. Swim gently and do not chase and scare them. 
  3. Let these animals swim freely. They will dictate how and how long the encounter will be.
  4. Refrain from making loud noises and sudden actions, as this may disturb and displease them.