Hawaiian Sailing Canoe Tour

3 hours • Hawaiian Sailing Canoe Voyage • Most popular! • Ages 3+

  • Adults 13 years old and over
  • .Children Ages 3 – 12. Must be accompanied by an Adult (18+)


3-hour Hawaiian Sailing Canoe Adventure


Sail beautiful Kailua on a Waʻa Peʻa (Hawaiian Sailing Canoe); a cultural craft designed and used by the Hawaiians to navigate and sail the ocean. Join our watermen, learning about the history and cultural significance of the canoe and Kailua to the Hawaiian and Polynesian people, as we journey to our offshore islets. It’s a Hawaiian experience unlike any other!

During the tour, explore the ecosystem as we move through the glistening, clear coral reefs of Kailua with honu (sea turtles) and other native species of fishes. Enjoy the views of the Ko’olau range surrounding us as our watermen tell the mo’olelo (stories) of various Ahupua’a (land divisions) that make up Kailua and the Ka Iwi coastline. View and learn of the indigenous seabirds, such as ‘Iwa (Great Frigate) and ‘Ua‘u kani (Wedge-tail Shearwater), that call the sanctuary island home.

• Participants required to arrive & check in with guide 15 minutes PRIOR to tour departure time
• Participants required to sign electronic liability waiver
• Paddling is required

Max allotted number of guests per canoe – 6. For parties larger than 6, you will be placed in two separate canoes.