Chris Richards and Chris Lowry are two of Hawaii’s leading glassblowers. When Bill and Sally Worcester founded Hot Island Glass in 1992, they set out to create a space that would be both studio for the artists as well as gallery for their work. To this day, those original goals remain at the heart of what we do here-and it shows! Hot Island has produced one-of-a-kind pieces for people all around the world to enjoy!

Hot Island Glass is one of the world’s most cutting-edge glass studios. The owners, Chris and Chris, are some of its leading artists who have created work for a few designers.

In 2000 they became Hot Islands’ Co-Owners & Principals Artists—creating stunning works that range from art pieces to custom furniture design with an emphasis on sustainability.

The aesthetics of the work are undeniably contemporary and intriguing. The gallery is a perfect place for visitors to delve into this dynamic, artistic production that has been seen in many other galleries around Hawaii as well on mainland America.

Hot Glass is located in Makawao, which is also known as the historic town and known for its quaint rodeos where you can still find Hawaiian culture flourishing upcountry on Maui’s beautiful island of Hawaii. Hot Island Glass has become one of the most popular destinations for those looking to explore some local Hawaiian arts. Visitors come from all over, but mostly they are locals who know that this is an affordable and engaging way to spend their time off work or school. Breathtaking views from the glass-blowing studio will leave your jaw dropped as you watch artist blow molten lava into colorful creations that are made to last.

The Hot Glass Gallery is a place where you can find the perfect piece of art for your home, made with skill and care by artists who share their love through colorful designs. Customers return year after year to peruse the Hot glass gallery and watch artists fashion vessels of all shapes, sizes, colors that are representative of Hawaii.

Chris and Chris have been working together to create displays of glass artwork in various exhibitions throughout Hawaii. They are also known for their work, which they show separately from one another at the same time as a collaborative piece with each other.

The contemporary artists who make up the exhibition, “Fire to Form ” have a mastery of their mediums and produce work that transcends time. Fire to form is an exhibit at both the Contemporary Museum on Oahu in Honolulu as well as Hui No’eau Art Center on Maui showcasing these talented talents with ties or living in Hawaii.

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