Are you ready for an adventure in paradise? If so, we have the perfect tour for you – the Honolulu Heights Tour with Hawaii Forest & Trail! This tour offers a unique combination of hiking Diamond Head and exploring the breathtaking vistas from lookouts on the mountain side. But that’s not all – you’ll also get to learn about Honolulu’s volcanic past and its influence on the island with the help of an interpretive guide.

After hiking Diamond Head, you’ll be treated to a delicious breakfast at the crater before embarking on a scenic drive to Mt. Tantalus for more panoramic views. Then, the tour takes you through the beautiful Makiki Heights to Lyon Arboretum, where you can stroll through the gardens and immerse yourself in the history of the islands.

The tour includes all entry fees, a picnic breakfast, and snacks to keep you refreshed throughout the day. Just make sure you’re physically fit to tackle the steep paved walkways and stairs. And don’t worry about transportation – pick-up locations are available in both Waikiki and Ko Olina.

To ensure the safety of all participants, you’ll need to provide proof of a negative COVID-19 test or proof of a 14-day quarantine. The tour operates Monday to Saturday, except on holidays, and lasts 5-6 hours. It’s operated by Hawaii Forest and Trail and can accommodate a minimum of 4 and a maximum of 12 guests. Prices per adult start at $135 and per child at $113.

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Honolulu Heights Tour with Hawaii Forest  Trail

Honolulu Heights Tour with Hawaii Forest & Trail

Are you ready for an unforgettable adventure in the beautiful city of Honolulu? Look no further than the Honolulu Heights Tour with Hawaii Forest & Trail. This tour promises to take you on an incredible journey through the stunning landscapes of Honolulu, offering a unique combination of hiking, exploration, and breathtaking views. Let us guide you through the highlights of this tour and show you why it is the perfect choice for your next Hawaiian adventure.

Hiking Diamond Head: Discovering Honolulu’s Volcanic Past

The tour begins with a hike up the famous Diamond Head, a volcanic crater that offers panoramic views of Honolulu and its surroundings. As you make your way up the steep paved walkways and stairs, our interpretive guide will share fascinating insights about Honolulu’s volcanic past and its influence on the island. Learn about the geological history of the area and how it has shaped the landscape we see today. It’s not just a hike; it’s a journey through time.

Panoramic Views from Mt. Tantalus

After conquering Diamond Head, the tour takes a scenic drive to Mt. Tantalus, where even more breathtaking views await. From lookout points along the mountain, you can marvel at the panoramic vistas of Honolulu, the Pacific Ocean, and the lush green valleys below. It’s the perfect opportunity to capture stunning photographs that will forever remind you of the beauty of Hawaii.

Exploring Lyon Arboretum: Unveiling the History of the Islands

The tour continues with a visit to Lyon Arboretum, nestled in the picturesque Makiki Heights. Stroll through the beautifully maintained gardens and immerse yourself in the rich history of the islands. Our knowledgeable guide will share stories and insights into the diverse flora and fauna found in the arboretum, giving you a deeper understanding of Hawaii’s natural wonders. It’s a peaceful and educational experience that will leave you feeling connected to the beauty of nature.

Picnic Breakfast and Snacks Included

As you explore, we ensure that you’re well-fed and satisfied. The tour includes a delicious picnic breakfast and snacks for you to enjoy along the way. Recharge and refuel while taking in the stunning surroundings. It’s the perfect way to relax and make the most of your tour experience.

Physical Fitness Requirements

Please note that the Honolulu Heights Tour requires participants to be physically fit due to the nature of the activities involved. Hiking up steep walkways and stairs can be challenging, so it is essential to come prepared with comfortable shoes and appropriate attire. This tour is suitable for individuals who are accustomed to moderate physical activity.

Convenient Pick-up Locations

To make the tour accessible for all, we offer convenient pick-up locations in Waikiki and Ko Olina. Whether you’re staying in the heart of Honolulu or in the tranquil surroundings of Ko Olina, we ensure that you can easily join us for this incredible adventure.

COVID-19 Requirements: Safety First

Your safety and well-being are of utmost importance to us. In light of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, all participants must provide proof of a negative COVID-19 test or proof of a 14-day quarantine before joining the tour. We strictly adhere to safety standards and guidelines to ensure a worry-free and secure journey for everyone.

Operating Schedule: Monday to Saturday

The Honolulu Heights Tour operates Monday to Saturday, except on holidays. The tour lasts approximately 5-6 hours, providing ample time to explore the sights and immerse yourself in the beauty of Honolulu. We recommend checking our schedule and making a reservation in advance to secure your spot on this popular tour.

Small Group Experience: 4-12 Guests

To provide an intimate and personalized experience, the Honolulu Heights Tour accommodates a minimum of 4 and a maximum of 12 guests. This small group setting allows our experienced guides to give individual attention and create a warm and friendly atmosphere. It’s the perfect opportunity to make new friends and share the joys of exploration together.

Prices and Reservations: Affordable and Accessible

At CheapHawaiian Activities and Tours, we believe that exploring Hawaii should be accessible to everyone. That’s why we offer competitive prices without compromising on the quality of our services. Prices for the Honolulu Heights Tour start at $135 per adult and $113 per child, making it an affordable option for individuals, couples, and families alike. Don’t miss out on this incredible opportunity to discover the best of Honolulu at a reasonable price.

In conclusion, the Honolulu Heights Tour with Hawaii Forest & Trail offers an unparalleled adventure through the volcanic landscapes and natural wonders of Honolulu. With experienced guides, small group sizes, and a commitment to safety and satisfaction, we guarantee a remarkable and memorable experience for every guest. Join us at CheapHawaiian Activities and Tours and book your dream vacation today. Let us show you the beauty of Hawaii like never before.