Fresh Flowers & Leis

It is our pleasure to introduce LEIS OF HAWAII, the one-stop supplier of leis and flowers for your next Hawaiian-style function.
Perhaps you are planning a wedding, backyard barbecue, luncheon, or other special occasion, and would like to add a touch of elegance. What better way to capture the true feeling of Aloha than with an authentic lei or fresh flowers, direct from the Hawaiian Islands.

We guarantee fresh, fragrant, vibrant leis shipped directly to your function. Whether it be to your home, church, or other facility, your quality leis and flowers will arrive beautiful and ready to be worn.

So spread some genuine Aloha Spirit with genuine Hawaiian leis and flowers! We’re sure your guests will love it! Call or fax us today and we’ll take care of the rest!

Lei Choices & Rates:

Standard Leis

  • Plumeria, Plumeria / Carnation, Carnation / Carnation Tuberose, Tuberose, Tuberose / Purple Denderobium / Dendrobium, Purple Dendrobium / Pink Carnation, White & Purple Dendrobium / White Carnation, Ti-Leaf

Standard Lei Upgrade

  • Sonia Orchid Lei, Sonia Orchid & Tuberose, Sonia Orchid & Plumeria, Sonia Orchid & White CarnationSuperior Leis
  • Tuberose & Ti-Leaf, Pikake & Ti-Leaf, Boza & Ti-Leaf, White Dendrobium & Roses, Sonia Orchid & Ti-Leaf, White Dendrobium & Ti-Leaf, He’e, Mock Orange & Tuberose, Bozo Mix Color & Tuberose, Bozo Purple & Mock Orange, Bozo Light Purple & Mock Orange, Kukuna-o-ka-la & Tuberose, Kukuna-o-ka-la & Ti-Leaf, Kukuna-o-ka-la & Bozo, Mock Orange, Crown Flower & Ti-Leaf, Tuberose & Pakalana, Firecracker & Pikake

Deluxe Double Leis

  • Tuberose, Tuberose / Rose, Tuberose / Lantern Ilima, Tuberose / Sonia Orchid, Sonia Orchid, Pikky Sonia Orchid, Dendrobium / Roses, Dendrobium, Red & White Carnation, Carnation & White Dendrobium

Special Leis

  • Micronesian Ginger, Micronesian Ginger / Red Tips, Micronesian Ginger / Purple Tips, Oha’i-Ali’i, Cigar – Kika Orange, Cigar – Kika Pink, Bozo, Crown Bozo, Maile, Puakenikeni, Haku Head White / Green, Haku Neck White / Green, Haku Head & Neck Sonia, Haku Head & Neck Colorful, Kukui Nut White & Mock Orange, Kukui Nut Black & Mock Orange

V.I.P. Leis

  • Triple White Ginger, Christina Orchid Feather, Sweetheart Orchid, Black Beauty Orchid, King II Orchid, Leilani Orchid,

Celebrity Leis

  • Centipede, Sweet Darling, Honey, Lucky, Lover King

Men’s Leis

  • Maile & Tuberose, Maile & Ilima, Ti-Leaf & Double Tuberose, Ti-Leaf & Double White Dendrobium

Ladies Pikake Set

  • Rope Pikake Lei (40-Inches), Pikake Comb (3-Inches), Rope Pikake Choker (22-Inches)
  • Pikake Strands , Pakalana Strands

Bride & Groom Wedding Set – (1) Set of (2) Leis

  • (1-Double White Dendrobium Orchid / 1-Ti-Leaf & White Dendrobium Twist Open End) or (1-Ti-Leaf & Sonia Orchid Twist Open End / 1-Double Sonia Orchid)