Have a glimpse of a tropical rainforest that was once sacred to ancient Hawaiian through a guided waterfall adventure, brought to you by Kayak Adventures.

Are you a fan of kayaking? Or perhaps a wild adventurer who is interested in discovering hidden treasures? Then this 4-hour exciting adventure is perfect for you! If you are a family with small children, you can bring them too, as long as they are physically fit and are capable of hiking. This could even be an opportunity for them to witness some ancient Hawaiian sites, and see best-kept natural wonders.

Your journey begins on a historic river called Wailua River, the largest and longest navigable river on the island of Kauai. The Wailua River State Park played a significant role in Kauai’s history. It is said that it was the birthplace of ancient Kauai’s kings, including the island’s last king, King Kaumualii. In the area, you can see two large stones, where the mother gave birth. She would lean her back on one stone, and place her two legs on the other stone. Royalty from the neighboring islands were said to travel here to give birth at the birthstones. These stones remain up to these days, but not the stone enclosure grass shack where the mother-to-be stayed before giving birth.


You will paddle for two miles along the tropical waterways of the river, while your guide narrates interesting stories about the place. Have you seen the 1995 movie “Outbreak?” If you did, then the Kamokila Hawaiian Village that you will pass by may look familiar to you because the movie was filmed here. You can see a replica of a traditional Hawaiian village on an authentic site. From here, you will bank your kayaks for a short hike to a tropical and secluded rainforest that was only accessible by Hawaiian royalty during the early times. Along the way, your guide will show you several ancient sites, including various flora and fauna. After sharing the wide history of the Wailua Valley, you will be guided to the remains of the first ever Hawaiians that lived here about 1,500 years ago.

You will, then, go for another gentle hike to a hidden breathtaking 100-foot waterfall called Secret Falls or Uluwehi Falls, where you can enjoy many activities. Be careful though, because the trail can be muddy sometimes. That is why it is strongly recommended to wear hiking boots, running shoes, or something light. Bringing rain gear is also helpful because this tour pushes through, rain or shine, unless the weather becomes extremely dangerous. We also recommend bringing sunscreen, insect repellent cream, a hat, and sunglasses. In addition, a swimsuit is a must, especially if you wish to swim. Lastly, make sure to bring your camera!

When you reach the falls, you can relax on the sun-warmed rocks or swim on the natural pool below the falls where the water gracefully flows. Make your journey here worth it by taking as many snapshots as you can. Not a lot of people get to visit and experience this opportunity! To recharge before more paddling on your way back, you will be eating your delicious lunch that comes with chips, cookies, and bottled water.

Special Instructions

  • Check-in Time and Place: Between 7:45 am and 8:45 am at 440 Aleka Place, Hawaii 96746.
  • Directions from the North: South on Hwy 56 to Kapaa. Go through 4 traffic lights. Turn left before Coconut Marketplace sign onto Aleka Loop. Turn right behind the marketplace and follow Aleka Loop. Drive through the entrance of Islander on the Beach Resort to Kayak Adventures. We are located in the Islander Shops between Trees Lounge and Snorkel Depot.

Directions from the South: Hwy 50 thru Lihue thru a series of 12 traffic lights. At 13th light turn left onto Hwy 56 N towards Wailua/Kapaa. Cross Wailua River bridge (double bridge) go through 2 traffic lights, turn right into Coconut Marketplace onto Aleka Loop. Turn right behind the marketplace and follow Aleka Loop. Drive through the entrance of Island on the Beach Resort to Kayak Adventures. We are located in the Islander Shops between Trees Lounge and Snorkel Depot. 

  • Restrictions: Not recommended for pregnant women. Participants must be at least 5 years old.
  • Operations: Monday to Saturday
  • Duration: 4.5 hours
  • Capacity: 12 participants
  • Equipment provided: Ocean Zest double kayaks with supportive seats, lightweight aluminum paddles and children’s paddles. Each kayak has life jackets and a dry bag backpack. There is one single kayak available, too.