In an encouraging update, the FBI list of unaccounted for individuals from the devastating Lahaina fire in Maui continues to decrease. As of September 8th, the number of people unaccounted for has dropped to 66, down from the 385 names released the previous week. The FBI has meticulously verified the information provided to compile this new list, ensuring that it includes only individuals for whom a first and last name as well as a verified contact number were provided. With the public’s help, the Maui Police Department aims to locate as many of these individuals as possible. If you recognize a name on the list or have any additional information, please reach out to the FBI or visit their website to assist with the ongoing efforts.

List of Unaccounted for Individuals from Lahaina Fire Drops to 66

FBI list of unaccounted for individuals from Lahaina fire drops to 66

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Background Information

The Maui Police Department and the Federal Bureau of Investigation released a new list of names of unaccounted for individuals from the devastating Lahaina fire that occurred on August 8. As of September 8, the number of unaccounted for individuals has dropped to 66. This is a significant decrease from the 385 names released last week and the 388 names released the week before. Initially, more than 3,200 names were compiled from various lists, but through diligent efforts, the FBI has determined that at least 2,696 individuals are safe. The updated “credible” list includes only those individuals for whom a first and last name was provided, along with a verified contact number for the person who reported them missing.

Decrease in Number of Unaccounted for Individuals

The current list of 66 unaccounted for individuals reflects a decrease from the previous weeks. The efforts made by law enforcement agencies have yielded positive results, as 53 individuals from last week’s list have been found and are now accounted for. Furthermore, four individuals from the previous list have been tragically identified as deceased. While progress is being made in locating individuals, it is crucial to continue the search for the remaining unaccounted for individuals and bring closure to their families.

Identification of Deceased Individuals

Maui police have confirmed the unfortunate deaths of four individuals from the previous list. Their names have been removed from the unaccounted for list and added to the list of confirmed deceased individuals. Identifying the deceased is a critical part of the investigation and helps provide closure for their families. The Maui Police Department is committed to ensuring that accurate information is provided promptly and compassionately.

Additional Names Added to the List

13 additional names have been added to the list of unaccounted for individuals. These names have been provided through various sources, including MPD missing persons reports, reports from the American Red Cross, reports from shelters, and individuals who called in to report unaccounted for individuals but did not file a police report. These new additions reflect ongoing efforts to gather comprehensive information and ensure that every person is accounted for.

Names Still Being Vetted

The list of possible unaccounted for individuals contains 80 names that are currently being vetted for credibility. In these cases, no initial reporting party was identified or available for follow-up. It is crucial to thoroughly evaluate the credibility of these reports before including them on the official list. The vetting process aims to ensure the accuracy of the information and maintain the integrity of the investigation.

Criteria for Inclusion on the Credible List

The names included on the latest “credible list” were compiled by the FBI and deemed credible based on specific criteria. To be included on the list, the first and last name of the individual who is unaccounted for must be provided. Additionally, a verified contact number for the person who reported them missing, along with any other verified information, is taken into account. These criteria help ensure that the list includes reliable and accurate information regarding the unaccounted for individuals.

Call for Public Help

Law enforcement agencies emphasize the importance of public assistance in locating the remaining unaccounted for individuals. If you recognize a name on the list and know the person to be safe or have additional information that may aid in locating them, authorities urge you to contact the FBI at 888-814-7693 or visit to provide any relevant information. Your cooperation and involvement can significantly contribute to reuniting families and bringing closure to this tragic event.

Latest List of Unaccounted for Individuals

The most recent list of unaccounted for individuals includes 66 names, and their case numbers and whether an MPD police report has been filed are provided alongside their first and last names. It is important to review the list thoroughly and report any information that may lead to locating these individuals.

How to View the List Online

To view the complete list of unaccounted for individuals online, please follow the provided link.

Contact Information for Reporting Unaccounted for Individuals

If you believe an individual is still unaccounted for, and their name is not included on the credible list of names, please contact the Maui Police Department at 808-244-6400 or email to file a missing persons report.

DNA Testing for Immediate Family Members

Immediate family members, including parents, siblings, or children of unaccounted for individuals, are requested to provide a DNA sample to aid in the identification process. If you meet the criteria and live on Maui, please call 808-270-7771 for instructions on how to provide your DNA. In case you live outside of Maui, please contact the FBI at 888-814-7693 or visit for instructions on how to provide your DNA.

Importance of Privacy and Sensitivity

While public awareness is essential, privacy and sensitivity are of utmost importance when dealing with these cases. Respecting the rights and dignity of the unaccounted for individuals and their families is a priority for law enforcement agencies. They request that everyone involved maintains and respects their privacy during this challenging time.

Confirmed Deceased Individuals

As of now, the number of confirmed deceased individuals from the Lahaina wildfire stands at 115. Each confirmed death is a tragedy, and the identification process is critical in providing closure to the families affected by this devastating event.