Many visitors to Hawaii Island are amazed by the beauty of Kalama Park. The area has been preserved as one of the jewels of Oahu’s Historic District. It is a very popular beach and a favorite among locals and tourists alike. It has a very shallow sandy beach, surrounded by lush tropical foliage that is naturally rich in vitamin D. When you stand on the shore and look out towards the golden water beyond, it seems so much more heavenly. This is one of the many reasons why visitors to the island love this hidden gem.

It is very popular with surfers. The Pacific Ocean rushes in to meet the warm, crystal clear water of the bay. The cool blue water is very refreshing to the eyes. Many tourists who come here are amazed by how deep the water is, which makes for a great day of swimming or snorkeling.

Because of the popularity of the park, and its natural beauty, it attracts other activities such as paragliding and kayaking. In addition, many groups tour the Na Pali coastline and its caves, which are also popular attractions. The park features a great hiking trail which heads out to the West Maui coastline, which is a great place to experience the beauty of sunset. Many people come here just to stand on the beach and enjoy the beautiful view from the point.

Because this is a quiet beach, it is very peaceful. You will not find over 100 people gathered here at any one time. This helps to make the park one of the most peaceful on the island.

Because of its serene atmosphere, many come here to enjoy the lush greens around the area. This beach is unique in that it feels like it is a small island sitting between two large oceans. As you stroll along the shore, you can’t help but be drawn to the gently swaying palm trees and the warm breeze. You will find this to be an absolutely breathtaking environment.

If you want to enjoy some great ocean kayak fishing, you have found the right place. The ocean is only seven miles away from the park, making it easy to get out to sea and catch your limit. This is also a great park to go for a quiet hike. There are many things to do at this park, so it is definitely a place that you should make plans to visit often.

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