Oahu, particularly the Wai’anae Coast, is home to a great number of amazing beaches, a true tropical paradise in the beautiful island of Hawaii.

It is home to an abundance of marine organisms, too, like the wild dolphins, and, surely, a trip to Oahu Island will be much more memorable if you can get close and know more about these playful creatures. This can be made possible by booking Dolphin Star’s Wild Dolphin Watch, which puts the spotlight on the Hawaiian wild dolphins, just as it should. Prepare to feast your eyes on these fun-loving creatures and learn more about them through Dolphin Star!

Dolphin Star will take you to a relaxing cruise along Oahu’s Wai’anae Coast through its high-powered two-deck catamaran, which can carry up to 149 passengers. This boat has an on-board restroom and is especially designed for a perfect dolphin watching experience, with its spacious 360° observation deck, reinforced with durable steel railings.

Here, as the boat is setting sail on the way to the dolphins, you can also catch sight of the breathtaking mountain and ocean views while enjoying the calming Hawaiian breeze. Get ready to take loads of photos, but make sure to save some space for the star of the tour: the wild dolphins!


Dolphin Star guarantees dolphin sightings, and this you shall so experience upon arrival to the area where they frequent! From the catamaran’s view deck, watch pods of wild dolphins come together and swim in groups, giving their human friends a warm welcome. Watch out for their acrobatic displays, too, as these marine mammals are able to leap high and spin in the air when they rise above the surface! 


While watching them is indeed the best way to learn about Hawaiian dolphins, Dolphin Star’s crew will supplement your viewing experience by giving you educational narrations about these sea creatures. Dolphin Star has expert tour guides, who are well-trained to talk to you about Hawaii’s precious dolphins and entertain questions you may have during the tour. Don’t be shy, as these experts are hands-on and will ensure that you will not only have an enjoyable time on board, but an informative one, as well. 


Dolphin Star’s Wild Dolphin Watch lasts for around two hours, and, after such time, you may already be feeling hungry after all the touring and sightseeing! This is not a problem as Dolphin Star offers a delicious barbecue lunch as an optional add-on, perfect for those who would want to have a tasty Hawaiian barbecue meal in the middle of the sea. For just a minimal additional fee, you can have freshly grilled premium hamburgers on board, while enjoying more stunning views of Oahu’s natural beauty. This is definitely an add-on that will make your cruising and dolphin watching experience even more delightful!


What are you waiting for? Book a tour now and get on board Dolphin Star! The views, the dolphins, the crew, and even the mouthwatering burgers are all waiting for you!


Dolphin Star – Wild Dolphin Watch

Special Instructions

  • This is operational daily, except during the following days:


    1. Thanksgiving
    2. December 13
    3. Christmas Day
    4. New Year’s Day
  1. The cruise departs from Wai’anae Boat Harbor, located at 85-491 Farrington Hwy, Wai’anae, HI 96792. 
  2. The duration of the boat ride / cruise proper is 2 hours, from 9:30 to 11:30 AM.
  3. Including the trip to and from Wai’anae Boat Harbor, the following are the entire tour durations:
    1. From Waikiki: 5.5 hours, from 7:30 AM to 1:00 PM
    2. From Ko Olina: 3 hours, from 9:00 AM to 12:00 PM

For those arriving at the Harbor via their own transportation, make sure to check in at least 15 minutes prior to the departure of Dolphin Star.

    1. The following are optional add-ons:
      1. Hawaiian barbecue lunch during the cruise
      2. Round-trip transportation via deluxe Royal Star bus, which has an on-board restroom, video presentation, mint and hand towelette services during the comfortable ride

  • Dolphin Star guarantees dolphin sightings during the cruise. Otherwise, receive a “DOLPHIN CHECK”, a pass for a free return until dolphins are seen. Meals and transportation are also available as optional add-ons for such return.