ahu Island’s west shore is home to a great number of wild spinner dolphins, and what better way to maximize your visit to the island than to actually have a close encounter with these friendly marine mammals!

The wild spinner dolphin is noted not only for its gentleness and amiability, it is also known for being very lively and playful, with its ability to rise high above the water and leap into the air. Come and see this for yourself by booking the Dolphin Excursions – Wild Dolphin Encounter!

The Dolphin Excursions – Wild Dolphin Encounter is one of the package tours offered in Oahu Island that promises a fun and unforgettable time with the wild spinner dolphins. It starts with a boat ride on board the Nai’a, which is actually the Hawaiian word for ‘dolphin’. Enjoy the stunning views of Hawaii’s natural beauty and its crystal clear waters as the Nai’a will take you to a cruise along Oahu’s west shore, in search of the wild spinner dolphins. Once they’re spotted, the real fun begins!

The Dolphin Excursions crew calls it “The Drop”, wherein snorkelers ‘drop’ and dive into the pristine Hawaiian waters to get close with these dolphins. Fins, mask, and snorkel will be provided by the crew, so you need not worry if you do not have your own gear. Here, you will not only be surrounded by these playful creatures, but you will also get the chance to snorkel and meet other beautiful marine organisms underwater, such as sea turtles and different colorful tropical fish. Truly a magnificent way to be one with nature and enjoy Hawaii’s wonderful seas!

While the Dolphin Excursions is available all-year round, snorkeling may not be possible at certain times during the winter season when the waters sometimes get pretty rough. This is not a problem, though, because it is during this time of the year when humpback whales are abundant in the area! Thus, if the weather and water conditions do not allow for snorkeling, you would still enjoy your time on the Nai’a viewing these enormous humpback whales.

The Dolphin Excursions lasts for around three hours, and, certainly, there is no better way to spend the last bit of the tour by feasting on some delicious food! After that great water adventure and marine life encounter, the Nai’a will then bring you back on land to cap off your adventure with a hearty sit-down meal at the Spinners Café. You will choose from the complete menu upon check-in, and the restaurant will have your food ready upon the conclusion of your Dolphin Excursions cruise. If you are a vegetarian, the menu has meatless options especially available for you. The three-hour tour will surely make you go hungry, but you do not have to worry because the Dolphin Excursions has got you covered!

Oahu Island is already beautiful in itself, but a dolphin encounter unquestionably is a great way to make your visit in Oahu an even more beautiful experience. Go and let the Dolphin Excursions – Wild Dolphin Encounter make this possible for you. Book your slots now!

Dolphin Excursions Tour Highlights and Inclusions

  1. Cruise Oahu’s west shore on board the Nai’a
  2. View and swim with spinner dolphins
  3. Snorkel and see different tropical fish, sea turtles, and other marine organisms (snorkeling gear included)
  4. View humpback whales (during the whale season)
  5. Have a delicious sit-down meal at the Spinners Café
  6. Travel to and from Waikiki and Ko Olina Hotels free of charge, upon prior notice to the tour staff

Spinner’s Lunch Menu

  1. Oriental Chicken Salad (with lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers, spinach, onions, mushrooms, sprouts, grilled chicken, topped with wonton chips and drizzled with a special oriental dressing)
  2. Build-Your-Own Sandwich (bread, cheese, your choice of vegetables, and your choice of meat – tuna, ham, or turkey)
  3. Vegetarian Garden Salad (with lettuce, sundried tomatoes, cucumbers, spinach, onions, mushrooms, sprouts, American cheese, and your choice of dressing)
  4. Vegetarian Sandwich (your choice of vegetables including lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers, onions, sprouts, mushrooms, and cheese, and two slices of wheat bread)