The Big Island being an island of beautiful seascapes and mountainscapes, it is no wonder that there are a great number of tour operators in this part of Hawaii alone, offering fun packages for those who wish to explore the charm of this place.

 If you wish to join one that was founded by individuals truly passionate about the ocean and the desire to share such passion with you, then go with Dolphin Discoveries! Now managed by equally devoted ocean-lovers, Dolphin Discoveries offers a number of different package tours which assure a fantastic time absorbing the beauty of Kona and the practices to best protect it, like the famous Dolphin Discovery Adventure!

Dolphin Discoveries’ Dolphin Discovery Adventure is a 4-hour adventure that begins with a cruise along Kona Coast, home to crystal clear waters, beautiful shoreline views, and of course, lots of Hawaiian wild dolphins!  Keep an eye out for these playful creatures, as they love to do some high leaps and spins above water. Once spotted, make sure your cameras are ready to take some action shots of these fun-loving marine mammals.

These dolphins usually swim in pods, so you would be able to catch sight of them quickly from the boat. The sight of the Hawaiian wild dolphins swimming freely and enjoying themselves in their natural habitat is definitely a great way to kick-start this morning adventure!


As Dolphin Discoveries prides itself on eco-tourism, the staff on-board will also enlighten you about marine conservation during the cruise. They will share with you bits of relevant information about Hawaiian marine life, and more importantly, the proper ways of interacting with dolphins and other sea creatures. Dolphin Discoveries is known for its advocacy of responsible marine interaction, and this they will impart to their guests aboard, so that the animals will enjoy the experience as much as their human friends. Keep in mind these helpful tips and instructions especially on the next, and perhaps the most-awaited, part of the tour!


You are lucky if the dolphins’ behavior on your tour day permits a closer interaction with them in water, but if this is not so, don’t be dismayed as Dolphin Discoveries’ Dolphin Discovery Adventure will also take its guests to a fine snorkel site for some reef snorkeling! Possibly in Kealakekua Bay, this part of the tour is truly a thrilling experience as you will be able to catch sight of Kona’s vibrant marine life, including sea turtles, tropical fish, and even more wild dolphins. You may get to encounter some whales, too, if your visit is during the whale season. Besides these beautiful sea creatures, be amazed also by the different formations underwater, such as majestic coral reefs and sea caves that scatter along the Kona Coast. For the dolphin encounter and reef snorkeling, guests of Dolphin Discoveries’ Dolphin Discovery Adventure will be provided with the complete snorkel gear, for everyone’s safety and enjoyment. 

You will surely have the time of your life and a truly insightful experience in Dolphin Discoveries’ Dolphin Discovery Adventure! The ocean-loving staff and crew and their animal friends are all waiting for you, so go and book your slot now!


Dolphin Discoveries’ Dolphin Discovery Adventure Tour Inclusion

  1. Complete snorkel gear
  2. Light on-board snacks and fresh fruits
  3. Beverages (fruit juices and water)