Discover E-foiling: We are now offering E-foiling lessons and rentals.

E-Foiling 2-hours 


2 hours


E-foiling is a fun watersport, combining a surfboard powered by an electric motor and a hydrofoil, At cruising speeds the hydrofoil lifts the board out of the water for a smooth quiet ride. The basics are best learned on flat water, but experts can ride in the surf and do tricks. The basics of e-foiling can be mastered in a few sessions. People do not need any experience to learn. We can teach all the necessary skills, however skills from other sports do crossover and boost your learning curve. Surfers, water-skiers, kiteboarders, wind-wingers, will all relate to the e-foil in different ways. We have lots of experience teaching people with different skill sets, and our method of teaching is adapted to the student’s skill sets, strengths and learning style.

E-foil Equipment: E-foil technology has been developing for several years, and we are using the best equipment in the industry. The best selling and most recognized and highest quality brands in the industry, the “Lift E-foil”. Lift E-foils offer reliability and performance, they have the longest ride time per charge, and they offer after-sales service and spare parts.

E-foil Lessons: We provide ride along instruction and coaching. No experience is required, although swimming ability is essential. We can tailor the session to your fitness and energy levels. This is also great cross-over training for other foil sports. We have taught all ages ranging from 7 to 77 years young. So if you have the desire to discover what e-foiling has to offer we can get you on a board and riding.

E-foil Progression: Many first timers will be instantly hooked on e-foiling and will take several lessons followed by some blocks of ride time. We have our E-foils available for rent. As you progress you may want to experience the different models in our fleet, that range from the more stable to the more challenging.

E-foil Rentals: Our graduates will drop in and ride our machines, whenever they want. We keep our gear on standby ready for action, so you can step on and go ride. We take care of all the charging, maintenance, and transportation to the site. We provide helmets and lifejackets. This is the easiest way to participate in this sport without the hassle of having your own gear.

E-foiling and travel: E-foils are becoming available in more locations, so you can keep e-foiling when you travel, as a destination sport. We are now seeing more e-foilers coming here on vacation who are stoked to ride our brand-new top-end gear.

Buying Gear: We also understand that some people will want to own their own e-foil. We are Dealers for Lift E-foils, so we sell brand new equipment and arrange hassle-free delivery anywhere in the US. We are selling new e-foils and eventually some used machines will be available to our customers. E-foils can be ridden in almost any (legal) body of water that is consistently 4 feet deep. You can transport your e-foil in a station wagon, truck, van or on the top of a regular car with roof racks. Efoils can be managed by one person unless you are putting it up on your roof-racks, and you might need a helper or if you are not so strong enough to lift 50+ pounds over your head.

E-foiling is a fun watersport, combining a surfboard powered by an electric motor and a hydrofoil. We are offering a 2-hour session, including safety briefings, onwater coaching, including all equipment rental.