3.25 Hours • A great choice for experienced divers


3.25 Hours


What to expect:
Tailored for more experienced divers, our deep and shallow dive will take you to the some of the best sites off the coast of Oahu. We usually start with a 100-foot plunge to a shipwreck. Because the wrecks are significantly further from shore, we often see more pelagic fish, turtles, sharks, dolphins and—if we’re lucky—whales! The second dive is usually a reef around 40-60′ deep depending on where we feel like going.

With an experienced enough group, we’re able to guide you to more adventurous areas of the underwater world. These are fun dives for certified divers, we have the freedom to choose the best sites that match what you want to go see.

Private Guides Available
Photographers Available too

Please note: Wrecks are located significantly deeper than our reefs. Divers should have experience diving to 100′ (30 meters) and have a minimum of 25 dives or an advanced certification

What to bring:
Swimsuit, sunscreen, towel and waterproof camera.
We can provide all the diving gear and equipment, or bring your own and save some money