Team Size

  • The game is designed for at least 2 teams, 4-5 people per team.
  • If you are planning on having more than 7 teams, please contact Scaventour for availability.

Start Time

  • Currently there are 2 start times: 3 PM and 6 PM. If you would like a different start time, please contact Scaventour¬† to book a different time.


  • 2 Hours


  • After trying to destroy the cryptocurrency markets, a foreign born NSA contractor has been murdered.

  • An anonymous whistleblower provided clues that will allow your team to identify which of the suspects is the murderer.

  • This Waikiki-based game is designed for multiple 4-5 person teams attempting to solve this mystery before time runs out.

Where to Meet

  • For the Waikiki game, meet your gamemaster in front of the Tiffany at the corner of Lewers and Kalakaua in Waikiki.

  • If this is a custom game, please contact Scaventour by replying to this email for the information on where to meet the gamemaster.