In the aftermath of the recent wildfire that devastated West Maui, crews are diligently focusing on repairing the infrastructure to aid in the restoration efforts. While Hawaiian Electric crews have successfully repaired the damaged transmission lines in the Upcountry area, work is still ongoing to support the restoration in West Maui. Currently, around 2,000 customers are without electricity, but Hawaiian Electric is actively working on installing a mobile substation to expedite the power restoration process. Additionally, more than 400 employees and contractors from various Hawaiian islands are working tirelessly to bring back power and support the Maui communities. For updates on the progress, you can visit

Infrastructure Repair in West Maui

The recent windstorm in West Maui has caused significant damage to the infrastructure, particularly the transmission lines in the Upcountry area. In response to this, Hawaiian Electric crews have been working tirelessly to repair the damaged transmission lines and restore power to the affected areas.

Crews focus on infrastructure repair to support restoration in West Maui

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Repair of Damaged Transmission Lines in Upcountry Area

One of the top priorities for the repair work is the damaged transmission lines in the Upcountry area. These lines are crucial for the distribution of power to the surrounding neighborhoods and facilities. The crews have made significant progress in repairing these lines, ensuring that power can be safely restored to the affected customers.

Work Continues in West Maui to Support Restoration

While the repair of the transmission lines is a major focus, the work to support restoration efforts in West Maui goes beyond that. There are essential facilities in the area, such as grocery stores and other supply centers, that rely on a stable power supply. The crews have been working diligently to ensure that these facilities can resume their operations as quickly as possible.

Installation of Second Mobile Substation in Launiuopoko to Olowalu Areas

In order to expedite the power restoration process in the Launiuopoko to Olowalu areas, Hawaiian Electric is installing a second mobile substation. This substation will provide additional support for homes, schools, and county facilities in these areas. The installation process requires careful planning and execution to ensure the safety of the customers during the reconnection process.

Response to Pocket Outages in Upcountry

In addition to the major outages, there have been reports of pocket outages in the Upcountry area, affecting approximately 60 customers. The crews have been diligently addressing these pocket outages and working towards restoring power to those affected customers. Every effort is being made to minimize the inconvenience caused by these pocket outages.

Power Restored to Over 80% of Customers

Despite the challenges faced by the crews, significant progress has been made in restoring power to the affected customers. Currently, over 80% of customers who have been without electricity since the windstorm have had their power restored. This is a testament to the dedication and hard work of the crews involved in the restoration efforts.

Arrival of Utility Poles from Oʻahu

The restoration process requires the replacement of utility poles that were damaged during the windstorm. More than 100 utility poles are needed to meet the restoration priorities, and a shipment is expected to arrive from Oʻahu in the coming days. The arrival of these utility poles will expedite the restoration process and help bring power back to the remaining customers.

Shipment of Fencing and Equipment to Support Mobile Substation

In order to support the installation and stabilization of the second mobile substation, fencing and other equipment are being shipped from Oʻahu. This equipment plays a crucial role in ensuring the safe operation of the substation and the uninterrupted supply of power. The logistics of shipping these items from Oʻahu to West Maui are being carefully coordinated to minimize delays.

Involvement of Hawaiian Electric Employees and Contractors

The restoration efforts in West Maui involve the collaborative efforts of more than 400 Hawaiian Electric employees and contractors from various locations, including Maui, Oʻahu, Hawaiʻi Island, Molokaʻi, and Lānaʻi. These individuals are working together as construction crews, tree trimmers, line crews, and support teams to bring power back to the Maui communities. Their dedication and expertise are instrumental in the success of the restoration efforts.

Updates Available at

To keep the affected communities informed about the progress of the restoration efforts, updates are regularly posted on the Hawaiian Electric website. Customers can visit to access the latest information regarding the repairs, power restoration, and any other relevant updates. Staying updated is crucial for affected customers to plan and prepare accordingly.

The infrastructure repair in West Maui is an extensive and complex process, but with the dedication and hard work of the Hawaiian Electric crews and contractors, significant progress has been made in restoring power to the affected areas. The repair of the damaged transmission lines, the installation of a second mobile substation, and the shipment of utility poles and equipment are all essential components of the restoration efforts. By staying updated through the Hawaiian Electric website, affected customers can stay informed and be better prepared during this challenging time.