A little over an hour from Oahu’s big island lies Cove Beach Park. This small but wonderful park features both great surf breaks and great beach activities for families. Behind a rustic, yet very beautiful beach set in a wooded area, Cove Beach Park is the perfect place to catch a glimpse of whales. If you’re lucky enough to come during whale season (the best time to go there is March through November), you’ll be able to see one or two of the massive mammals up close. If not, the park also offers great tours and other marine adventures.

There are two main areas at Cove Beach Park to explore: The Back Bay Beach Park and The Kaleidoscope Water Park. At the Back Bay Beach Park, there are volleyball courts, a pavilion, concession stands, bathrooms, shady benches, picnic tables, and showers. At the Water Park, there are boat rentals, sunscreen, and a playground. Both have great amenities and are located just a short distance from the beach. Make sure to bring your kids if you want to participate in any of these exciting activities.

In addition to being an amazing spot for snorkeling and seeing whales, Cove Beach Park is a great place to spend an afternoon with your children playing softball or horseshoes. It’s also a great spot for pick-up games, volleyball, intramural baseball leagues, and other group activities. It’s been said that Cove Beach is Hawaii’s first great public park, so don’t expect anything but great times here. For the younger kids at the park, there are many different locations where you can go running or play. They even have a small beach for your kids to run along. If you’re going to use the sand or the grass, make sure you bring a good pair of shoes because you might get a little wet down there.

This park is right on the water, which means that you’ll have a great view of everything going on. If you’re staying on the island, this is a great spot to catch some rays and have some family fun. If you’re traveling with your family, there is a great spot for the kids to run off and get some exercise while they’re exploring the area. The playground is close to the beach so you won’t have to worry about them getting lost.

On a hot summer day, the beach becomes a great place to hang out. You can sit on the grass and read up on the latest Hawaii news or just kick back and relax. There are plenty of shaded areas for you to sit and relax. The shaded areas also provide you with some privacy so you won’t be disturbed by the kids splashing in the pool. The beach is open from May through October.

When it comes to shopping, Cove Beach Park is a great spot for you to bring the kids because it has many great retailers. The Shoe Company is located near the beach so you can bring your kids along with you when you shop. You can buy sandals, swimsuits, accessories, and many other items at great prices.

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